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Vital components of the Field Station Community are the Landowners in Montana who have graciously granted us permission to tromp across their fields, streams, hills, and gullies for over 60 years. At our 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1999, we presented landowners with plaques expressing our appreciation—a small token of gratitude that is very deep indeed. Herewith are some of the Landowners whose land we visit. Many of these folks have also shared their sons and daughters as kitchen workers and caretakers over the years.

hog roast with landowners
hog roast with landowners

We've come a long way since 1949, when students reported that the "ranchers often stopped to see what the dern fools was doin’."

Today, it is rare to encounter someone who is not familiar with the IU vehicles rambling around the region all summer. Towards the end of the G429/G329 courses we now have a pig roast at the field station for the landowners and friends so the staff, faculty and students can thank them for all of their support.

  • The Armstrong Family (Melvin, Chad and Trista, John) - Pole Canyon, Sacry's, and elsewhere
  • The Carey Family (Pat and John) - Mount Doherty and the North Doherty Pluton
  • Paul and Kaye Doddridge, KG Ranch – Highway 10
  • Jim Evans - the Lakota stop in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • David, Ken and Linda Glaus - Sacry's Final Study Area
  • John Glaus - Mayflower Mine Access Road
  • David and Betsy Hicks - Harrison Lake Weather Station
  • Gene and Lois Hinton - decades of support
  • Mike Huempfner - Copper City
  • Pete Jackson - Willow Creek Watershed
  • John Jackson - Little Antelope
  • Monte Kemper – London Hills
  • Jamie Kushenski – London Hills
  • Russell and Wanda Munson – London Hills Final Study Area
  • Jeanne Murphy – Doherty
  • Glenn and Carol Patrick - Jefferson Canyon
  • Bill and Rhoda Powell - Sacry's Final Study Area
  • Jim Quinn - Mesozoic Section
  • Todd and Cindy Rathkamp – Mayflower Mine
  • Bob and Bonnie Rice - friends
  • Gayle Sacry - Sacry's Final Study Area
  • Ed Self - Copper City
  • Walt and Aileen Shaw - Sacry's Final Study Area
  • Donna Sitz - Willow Creek Watershed
  • John Von Bergen - Paleozoic Section, Pole Canyon
  • Bud Walbert - friend
  • Ken Ward – London Hills