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research and outreach at the iu geologic field station

In addition to using the Field Station as a base for courses, the Field Station and surrounding region have been the home for a wide range of research projects by students at all levels as well as professionals.

The establishment of the Willow Creek Demonstration Watershed marked a major increase in the range of projects that could be addressed.

Funding for student research is available through the Professor Charles Vitaliano Grant-In-Aid for Research.

Examples of some of the recent and ongoing research projects can be found in the links provided in the "Student Research" section on the right.

Outreach efforts aimed at students in K-16 along with teachers and local individuals are being developed. For more information on these efforts please follow the links when available.

Charles J. Vitaliano Endowment

A major donation to the Department in 2000 was used to establish a new Charles J. Vitaliano Research Grants-in-Aid program. We are offering $2000 to support student research on the geology and geophysics of western Montana and adjacent areas.  This Grant-In-Aid is in honor of Dr. Charles J. Vitaliano, a former member of the Indiana University Department of Geological Sciences and the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station.  It is meant to recognize his important contributions to the creation of the teaching and research programs at the Field Station as well as his undying love for field Geology.

The grants will be awarded as part of a nationwide competition among students who intend to do research in Montana, part of which will be based at the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station of Indiana University. Professor Vitaliano, who died in April, 2000, had a career-long passion and enthusiasm for Montana geology, as well as strong ties to the Field Station, which he developed during the many years in which he used the Field Station as a base for his teaching and research. Dr. Vitaliano was the instructor for the first field course taught at the Field Station in 1949, and he continued to teach most years until his retirement in 1974. The Lecture Hall at the Field Station was named in his honor during the 50th Anniversary celebration in 1999, which the entire Vitaliano family attended. Mrs. Vitaliano will be informed of all contributions made in memory of her late husband. Application form


Construction on the new classroom and technology center is now complete, and the building was dedicated in July, 2012. more

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