research – willow creek watershed

The Willow Creek Watershed in the eastern Tobacco Root Mountains is an outdoor laboratory for teaching, research, and applied investigations.

Oblique view to NW with Willow Creek Reservoir
USGS Willow Creek Gauging Station
North Willow Creek Gauging Station
South Willow Gauging Station
South Willow (alluvial) nested groundwater wells
South Willow pumping test
South Willow pumping test (close-up)
Pediment groundwater well
Windy Ridge Met Station

willow creek watershed details

The setting is the centerpiece of the Department of Geological Sciences’ field environmental programs in Montana, and provides a framework for cooperation and benefit among students, university researchers, county, state and federal agencies, and local ranchers. The towns of Pony and Harrison are located within the watershed in Madison County, Montana. This drainage basin was chosen because of:

Daily Stream Report

Daily stream flow reports are only available during the "water year," April 1 to October 1. The sensors are removed from the stream gauges during winter to prevent freezing.

Charles Vitaliano

key elements

Key elements of the Demonstration Watershed include:

benefits to the local community

Benefits to the local community, the State of Montana, and the University and Field Station community include: