About Us

Our Mission

Our mission statement explains that we are an active and energetic young group of republicans from a variety of majors and walks of life looking to support and aid in the election of republican candidates.

Our Constitution

Our guiding document in regards to our mission, policies, and procedures is our constitution. It is regularly reviewed and amended as necessary. It is approved by the University, as well, to make sure we are kept in compliance with their policies for student organizations. It is up to the Executive Board to interpret the constitution when decisions need to be made. In an effort to keep all of our members informed, we are making it available for you to read. If you would like clarification, or have any questions, please contact us.

IUGOP Constitution

The Executive Team

Our executive committee is made up of 9 individuals, elected per the guidelines of our constitution. This committee is elected every November and is what directs the club. Each individual has their own unique responsibilities that they are in charge of, yet they are not completely alone. There is overlap in tasks, and working with committees made up of the general membership is also crucial. The IUGOP is a collaborative group that involves every member whenever possible.

Listed below are our current executives and directors for the 2013-2014 term. Click on a name to see more about them! We also have a list of past executive boards.

Riley Parr

Riley ParrRiley is a junior from central Indiana, majoring in Political Science. Riley’s political interests span the spectrum—from Constitutional issues, to the economy, to immigration. In addition to having an interest in national politics, Riley has a distinct fascination with Indiana politics, and the important role states play in our political system.

Matt Shute
External Vice-Chairman

Kristen CobbMatt is a 2013-2014 sophomore who is currently studying Astrophysics, Economics, and Political Science. Matt first fell in love with politics in 2000, when he rooted for George W. Bush because he thought that the Texas governor’s hairdo looked better than Mr. Gore’s trademark comb-over. Ever since that year, Matt has enthusiastically kept up with the latest political news in preparation for one day making a difference himself. When he is not discussing conservatism with his lovably misguided “progressive” friends, Matt enjoys growing in Christ with his church and campus fellowship group, spending time with his family, hanging out with his friends from both Bloomington and his hometown of Schererville, Indiana, and cheering on the Indianapolis Colts.

Nick Espevik
Internal Vice-Chairman

Jeff WillenzikNick is currently a junior intending to major in Informatics. From the Chicago suburbs, Nick sought out Indiana University for a variety of exciting reasons. The main factors were the business school and campus setting. He started to really gain interest in politics in high school, especially around the 2008 election season. Ever since he has been keeping up with current issues; and, upon arriving to IU, he joined the CRs to help promote the republican cause. Mixing his passion and background of technology with his political inclination, Nick hopes to help keep the CRs widely known and accessible around the campus, state, and nation.

Shelby Truitt

Shelby TruittShelby is a junior from Lebanon, IN. Shelby’s majors are Arabic and Political Science. She is also obtaining a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Political and Civic Engagement. Shelby has been interested in politics since middle school and has enjoyed being able to get involved in politics during College. Marco Rubio is her role model when it comes to what direction the country should be headed. She recently started the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at IU. In her free time she enjoys writing, traveling, IU basketball games, and going to the movies.

Will Brennan

Will BrennanWill is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri majoring in Economic Consulting and Public Policy Analysis at the Kelley School of Business. He first became interested in politics during the 2008 election and his passion for the subject has only increased since. He enjoys analyzing the impact of policy decisions on the private sector and economic growth. Will looks forward to combining his business experience and training with his passion for conservative politics over the course of his term at treasurer of the College Republicans.

Veldez Joshua
Technology Director

Veldez Joshua

Jonathan Kreilein
Political Director

Jonathan Kreilein

Michael Su
Press Secretary

Michael Su

Drew Roley
Events Director

Drew Roley

Social Director
On November 4th, 2012, the IUGOP Executive Board voted to amend the constitution of the College Republicans at Indiana University. The amendment reduced the number of total executives from 10 to 9 by merging the Social Director position into the Events Director position. As a result, the position of Social Director no longer exists. Please refer any social-related inquiries to the Events Director.