IUGOP BridgeBeing a political organization, we care about our communities. Everyone from Bloomington, to Monroe County, to the State, and of course, our nation. As we continue to try to affect positive change through the candidates we assist and organizations we work with, we hope that the relationship can be symbiotic.

To stay as active as we like, we rely on the generous support of those around us. This doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, either. Donation of materials or services for our projects and activities are also welcome. We even appreciate the simple moral support.

If you would be so kind as to donate to our cause, please contact us at Alternatively, you may send letters or donations to our address:
900 E. 7th St.
IMU Office Suite #676
Bloomington, IN, 47405

Once again, we greatly appreciate any support you can give.

In addition, we enjoy visiting and connecting with our communities. If you would like to contact us about potentially visiting your local meetings, breakfasts, or Lincoln Day Dinners, (and we haven’t beat you to it) again please email us.

We look forward to making this a wholesome relationship for all of us. The members of our communities are very important to us and we look forward to meeting you!