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Teaching and Learning

Centers or offices of teaching and learning should be able to provide information regarding the use of copyrighted materials for instructional purposes. Begin with the appropriate office on your campus.

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Use of IU Logos and Trademarks

The Indiana University licensing program ensures that the public properly identifies and associates University marks on products bearing the University's logos. There, you can find trademark policy, preferred vendor information, and associated resources.

Indiana University Licensing and Trademarks
Valerie Gill

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Legal Counsel

The Office of the Vice President and General Counsel is the only authorized and authoritative legal counsel to Indiana University. If you have not found answers to your copyright-related questions from any of the sources listed on this page, please contact the university counsel.

Note: the Office of the VP and General Counsel can provide assistance only with university business and related work. For personal, private and non-university related assistance, please seek private counsel.

Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

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Policy on Intellectual Property

The university's Policy on Intellectual Property is maintained by Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

Indiana University Policy on Intellectual Property

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