Throughout each year, news about the IUHPFL can be found in Indiana newspapers, newsletters and online. In most countries, IUHPFL students also land in foreign news in print and online. In this section, visitors may browse for archived information, including blogs, photos and news.


2012 - 50 Years of the IUHPFL

In 2012, the IUHPFL celebrated its 50th anniversary. To share these memories, alumni from 1962 to 2012 gathered on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis. The event included a reception, dinner and silent auction on Friday evening and a full days of workshops, panels and networking opportunities on Saturday.

On Saturday, teachers, instructors and fellow classmates told stories, shared photos and mementos and engaged in discussions about the future of IUHPFL, forming an alumni association and creating a scholarship fund. In addition, alumni were able to meet after hours and on Sunday in Indianapolis and the vicinity of Nashville, Ind. The event was moving and exciting at the same time. Many alumni who hadn't seen each other in years found their old friends once again. New friendships were forged, often spanning generations. Incredible testimonials were shared.

During the event, photo collages spanning several decades and thousands of miles were shown in the background, including a French, German, Mexican and Spanish presentation. Alumni who were unable to attend may want to browse some of the amazing snapshots.

2014 - 50 Years in Krefeld

In 2014, Krefeld in Germany will celebrate its 50-year anniversary. Preparations to commemorate 50 great years are in progress. If you participated in Krefeld please contact us with a comment, photo or testimonial to share with fellow German alums, new students and German host families.