Employment Opportunities

The IUHPFL begins recruitment for teaching staff for its summer programs in Chile, China, France, Germany, Mexico and Spain every fall for the next summer. In addition, the office employs volunteer interns for general support functions. Volunteer interns may work all year, depending on their schedule and the needs of the office. Interested volunteer interns are encouraged to contact the office at .


The role of an instructor during the Program is complex and demanding. For greater clarity, the IUHPFL assembled a job description which should provide applicants with a solid understanding before they apply. Résumés and cover letters are due to the IUHPFL office by October 3, 2014 and should be submitted to .

Every year, more than 40 instructors (three to four per site) are selected to accompany groups of students abroad, teach and support them during their stay. Instructors play a vital role in enabling students to immerse themselves into the culture and language.


Individuals providing references for prospective IUHPFL instructors are required to use the IUHPFL Reference Form. References are due to the IUHPFL office by October 31, 2014.

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If difficulties persist, it is acceptable to use Microsoft Word or submit your responses via e-mail to ldishong@indiana.edu.

Instructor Resources

Potential IUHPFL instructor applicants should be familiar with the following resources: