Program Fees & Funding

Sponsorships & Fundraising

Participating in the IUHPFL is expensive. However — if a student plans to study abroad, s/he should take a look at other programs and how the IUHPFL compares to them. If a potential participant analyzes various criteria s/he will soon discover that the IUHPFL is not only less costly, but offers a longer stay and many complimentary excursions, serious academic instruction and the host family experience. No other program in the U.S. offers as much while transforming a student's investment into a lifelong benefit.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Ideas

The IUHPFL encourages students to refrain from fundraising and seeking sponsorships until they are accepted into the program. While students are in the application phase of the IUHPFL Program Cycle, they are encouraged to save money by means of working extra shifts at their jobs, babysitting, mowing lawns, etc. to save money for program fees. Once accepted into the program, students tend to fundraise in several ways: soliciting sponsorship funds, fundraising on their own and working. For a list of ideas download the Fundraising Ideas Worksheet.

Soliciting Sponsorship Funds

To help fund their summer experience, students often utilize various strategies to secure funds. It is important for students to remember that the IUHPFL encourages students to refrain from fundraising and soliciting sponsorships until after they are accepted into the program.

  • Students may begin talking to relatives and family friends about their desire to participate in the program as early as possible, and perhaps ask them if they might be interested in sponsoring them if they are accepted into the program. In lieu of giving them gifts for birthday or holidays, they could suggest that relatives instead sponsor money towards program fees if accepted into the IUHPFL.
  • Students may research and contact local organizations in their community and/or school district about possibly sponsoring participation in the program (i.e., Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, Key Club, etc.). They could also ask small businesses in the community to sponsor potential participation in the program. 
  • Students may consider banding with other interested students from their high school or region to send sponsorship letters as a group and then agree to equally share the sponsorship funds among them, should they all be selected to participate.

Students who are ultimately accepted into the program, should thank their sponsors. Many IUHPFL alumni prepare a slideshow of their pictures, which they present to their sponsors upon their return from abroad. Other past participants have been sure to write a postcard from their destination site abroad to their many sponsors. Sponsors will want to hear about their student's experiences and will want to see what their sponsorships dollars have accomplished.

Sponsorships given for specific students are not typically considered tax deductible since they are designated for individuals and not the institution. IUHPFL advises participants to check with a tax advisor for more guidance on this matter.


Below are fundraising ideas from alumni of the program. Some describe individual efforts, others are group activities with other students from the same school or region.

  • Students may seek out every opportunity to earn money to put towards program fees: babysit, dog sit, mow lawns, shovel snow, rake leaves, ask to work extra hours or cover shifts at your current place of employment, etc. They may organize bake sales, garage sales, or a car wash, etc., alone or with other interested students at their school or region (splitting the proceeds among the group).
  • Students may plan an auction with the proceeds benefitting them, or them and other students at the school participating in the IUHPFL. Students may consider asking nearby large cities (Bloomington, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, etc.) for donations for the auction from their local museums, theatres, sports teams, etc.
  • Students may plan a spaghetti dinner with other interested students in their school or area that includes a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and bake sale. Students may purchase the food from a bulk foods store, and bake their own treats for the bake sale. Local organizations may be willing to donate items for the silent auction, or students may pitch in to buy a few complimentary items for the silent auction if need be. Church halls may be available to host the dinner free of charge. Such an event should be advertised well to maximize profit, and split the proceeds amongst the group.

Many students solicit sponsorships to help offset the costs of the program, while other students fundraise on their own with bake sales, yard sales, etc., to cover the program fees. Still, other students pinch pennies and work extra hours to be able to pay for the program. We advise the following: if you plan to apply to the IUHPFL, begin saving money now!

If you are an alumnus of the program and would like to share fundraising ideas with the IUHPFL office, please e-mail us at .