Honor Code

Living the Code

Some students may question the importance of the Honor Code. The Code has been in place since the Program’s inception and helps ensure that students take full advantage of the Program's benefits. It is not only a question of safety and wellbeing; it is a matter of optimizing the group experience at each site. Participants certainly travel as individuals but they are all an integral part of the group. If the group dynamic is disrupted by a student’s negative influence, it will inevitably affect all members.

Thus students understand that they have the best experience if they connect, work together and live the code together.

Bio photo of Joshua Silver who participated in Program in 2011.

Potential participants are encouraged to read what one of the IUHPFL alums, Joshua Silver who spent the summer of 2011 in Oviedo, Spain, had to say about honor.

"So this is my message to the potential IU Honors applicant and participant.  Understand that this is an immersion program: you will be diving head first into unknown waters.  You will not know how to respond to common phenomena because of the Language Commitment.  You will not know how to be yourself because you will not be able to express yourself.  But thirty people just like you have made the same dive.  You are all working together for the same goal.  Trust  the foundation of honor on which the program is built, and together, throughout the seven weeks, you will build a boat on which all of you may not simply float, but thrive." Joshua Silver, Alum 2011, Oviedo, Spain