Program Sites

IUHPFL maintains eleven program sites in Austria, Chile, China, France, JapanMexico, and Spain. Approximately 30 students are selected to travel to each site. Site selection is based on matching the student’s needs with the instructor teams and onsite host families to accomplish the most amiable combination. While students stay with their host families for the entire trip, they participate in multiple excursions, including overnight trips. In addition, host families may offer additional sightseeing to regional attractions.

Each site has been carefully selected to provide a well-rounded and safe experience for IUHPFL students. Most program cities are of medium size and offer many historical, cultural and entertainment venues. Students may travel through their town by bus, train or on foot. Some host families provide occasional or regular transportation. Each site offers retail stores, markets and sports activities.

During the week students typically study until early afternoon and then participate in structured activities, including sports such as soccer and dance, as well as theatre and choir.

Osaka, Japan is being added as a new program site for Summer 2017.

Summer 2015 held a new opportunity for German speaking students to travel for the first time to Graz, Austria, where IU Overseas Study has had a strong presence for over 30 years. Graz offers a welcoming, scenic environment for IUHPFL participants with a strong infrastructure of onsite coordinator support, established classroom facilities, and a large pool of host families.

Hangzhou, China was added to the program sites in the summer of 2014. While 9 students participated in the first year, the program will eventually accommodate a similar number of students as the other program sites. Some aspects of the program will vary for the China program only, including a modified language commitment and length of stay.

Also in 2014 students traveled to Viña del Mar, Chile, the program's newest Spanish-speaking site. In addition to working one afternoon a week volunteering in the community, students take classes, participate in afternoon activities and live with host families, per the IUHPFL model. The program in Viña del Mar employs a full-time Language Commitment, as with all other IUHPFL Spanish-speaking sites.


To gain a deeper understanding of their host country and culture, students participate in multiple excursions and overnight trips to major cities, including Vienna, Santiago, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, Granada, and Madrid. Regional trips include visits to historical monuments, museums and boat rides.These excursions are included in the program fees. Please keep in mind that some excursions may not be available at all sites and that modifications to the chart are possible, including changes in local schedules, availability and costs.