Qualifications for Participation

Participation in the IUHPFL is available to schools and high school students from Indiana. Please read below for more information about program qualification guidelines.

High School Qualification

The IUHPFL is open to all public, private and parochial secondary schools in Indiana. It is also open to homeschooling institutions in the state of Indiana. 

To be eligible to participate in the IUHPFL, a high school must offer or plan to offer four or more years of instruction in Chinese, French, German or Spanish. Upon returning from their trip, students are required to actively support their foreign language department and contribute to the classroom. If your school would like to participate in the IUHPFL, but is not able to offer four years of a language, please contact the IUHPFL office at iuhpfl@iu.edu for alternative suggestions to meet this eligibility requirement.

Participating IUHPFL high schools are also asked to cooperate in the various steps of the program application, selection and pre-departure process. Teachers and counselors should encourage participants to join school or community clubs and organizations that incorporate their language and culture of study and to provide participants with any other resources to further their study of the language.

Student Qualification

The IUHPFL limits its application pool to residents of the state of Indiana who attend and complete the program cycle's school year at an Indiana high school. Students who are residents of the state of Indiana who attend institutions outside the state may apply and will be considered on a space-available-basis.

Prospective applicants must have completed a minimum of two years of the language to which they are applying and be enrolled in their third year of study of the language in which they are applying at the time of application to the IUHPFL. Sophomores and seniors may apply to the IUHPFL, but it is important to note that high school juniors are given preference for selection.

Prospective applicants must attend an interview during the application process, if invited, in order for his or her application to be considered.  A student’s acceptance into the program is contingent upon attendance at Orientation.

Participants are required to continue the study of the language after their summer abroad, either at their high school or at a local university, and also pledge to help the school’s language program in any way possible. If the opportunity to continue classes in the foreign language is unavailable at the student’s school or in the local community, the student is asked to contribute to the school’s language program to the best of his or her ability.

The personal qualities that distinguish successful participants of the IUHPFL include a profound desire to learn, intellectual curiosity, social maturity, a willingness to adjust to new customs and habits, and a sincere commitment to adhere to the Honor Code, a set of norms all students are required to follow.

To find out if the IUHPFL is the right study abroad program for them, we encourage prospective participants to take the IUHPFL Self-Evaluation before considering application.