2014 Alumni Photo-Art Contest

2014 Alumni Contest Entry Form

All summer 2014 alumni are invited to participate in the annual photo-art contest. Winning entries will be permanently featured on our website.


Submit 5 photos that showcase different ways you connected to the culture throughout your summer 2014 IUHPFL experience. You can use photos, personal artwork, draw or paint by hand, or with software and/or add text.


A winner will be selected from each of the ten program sites. Winners will be announced by November 4, 2014 and receive Indiana University gear as prizes.


Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Medium: Any medium (photos, drawings, text, paintings)
Format: JPEG
Due date:  October 27, 2014
Photo restrictions: Submitting student should include no more than two  image of themselves. Entries that show student in multiple shots will be contacted for additional images to be considered.
Please note that all submissions become the property of IUHPFL for use in any future publications and publicity.
Student Information
Name: First       Last
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Program Site:
Are you the photographer/creator of the contest entry?  I agree that I am the sole creator and photographer of my entries and take full responsibility of any legal action against the IUHPFL regarding photographic ownership.
Submission and Title
Upload your jpeg-formatted submission from your computer using the "Browse" button. Enter the corresponding title in the text box below the image field. After uploading images and adding titles, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page.
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