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Alumni Ambassador

The IUHPFL is proud to introduce the IUHPFL Alumni Ambassador program. The Alumni Ambassador represents the IUHPFL in an official capacity and fulfills an important role of exemplifying the ideals of the IUHPFL. Ambassador roles may include helping with presentations to prospective students and their parents at Language Test events and during Orientation.


Why apply to be an IUHPFL Alumni Ambassador?

  • It is a great way to "pay it forward" and share the opportunities that studying abroad with the IUHPFL presented you.
  • Its valuable experience is a great addition to your resume as it requires you to aid in presentations, engage in public speaking and answer questions from prospective students and parents.
  • It is excellent practice in preparing for the job market as it allows you to gain professional skills applicable to any career.


To be eligible an an IUHPFL Alumni Abassador you must:

  • Be an alum of an IUHPFL program
  • Be in good standing upon completion of the IUHPFL
  • Be enthusiastic about study abroad with the IUHPFL
  • Possess strong public speaking, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Indicate a strong understanding of how the IUHPFL packages and presents its information for prospective participants and their parents

Alumni interested in becoming an IUHPFL Ambassador may complete the Ambassador Application and e-mail it to

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