Become an Ambassador

Class Ambassador

The IUHPFL welcomes alumni from all years to serve as class ambassadors. Since beginning the Alumni Project it has become clear that many alumni are no longer in contact with the IUHPFL. For many years no e-mail or other online communication existed. People moved, life happened.

Now that we started the Class Ambassador program, many former participants come forward to serve as class ambassadors by helping to contact and search for their fellow classmates.

Our goal is to find one ‘class ambassador’ from each program and year to assist us in reconnecting alumni with the IUHPFL. If you are interested in becoming a Class Ambassador, we'll provide you with a list of alumni, their high schools, mailing addresses and phone numbers from the time of the program.  We can also provide you with ideas how the 1966 St Brieuc group located almost everyone from their program.

Simply contact us at or via phone at 812.855.7957.