While the IUHPFL application process for students and guardians begins in September, the program requires student involvement year-round and post program. In addition, counselors and high school teachers are an integral part of the IUHPFL throughout each program cycle and ensure that students follow the scheduled tasks.

Potential participants are asked to thoroughly review the IUHPFL website to better understand the program's rigorous application process. As a first step, students register to apply for the program in September. 

There will no longer be a language test offered to applicants in October. Instead, accepted students will take national-level exams in their respective languages during the spring semester. The scores from these exams will be provided to the IUHPFL office in order for program instructors to better tailor their instruction to participants' needs during the program.

For 2016-2017 program cycle dates, students and guardians may refer to the Student Checklist, The Steps to IUHPFL, and the Program Overview. The application process for Summer 2017 begins in September 2016. For more detailed information about the IUHPFL application, students are asked to review the content and process pages of this section.