Language Test Registration

Students eligible for the IUHPFL and interested in applying, must first pass a foreign language test, the initial step in the application process. Language tests take place every October for French, German, and Spanish language students. Chinese language students will take the assessment test in November and December in 2014.

Chinese language students planning to take the test on November 15 will be able to register until Monday, November 10, 2014. Those choosing to take the Chinese language test on December 6 will be able to register until Monday, December 1, 2014.

The cost for the language test is $15 payable online by credit or debit card. Below you will find the times and locations for the language test. Register here for the language test.

Language Test

The language test assesses the potential participant's grammar, reading and listening comprehension skills. In addition, students will be asked to formulate an authentic writing sample on a given topic. The test will take roughly an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours to complete.

Student scores on the language test will determine whether or not they are invited to apply to the IUHPFL. Results of the French, German, and Spanish language test will be communicated to the student, their guardian and the IUHPFL Coordinator at the student’s high school in early November. If the student passed the language test s/he will be invited to participate in the program via e-mail.

Results of the Chinese language test will be communicated to the student, their guardian and the IUHPFL Coordinator at the student's high school one month after the test is taken. As the test results will not be communicated until after the application is due, all Chinese language students are invited to apply and the test results will be reviewed in conjunction with the student's application.

Students who took last year’s language test and chose not to apply to the program will need to repeat the language test. Likewise, students who were selected to participate in last year's program but withdrew, are asked to repeat the language test.

Preparing for the Language Test

Every year, the IUHPFL fields questions about how to prepare for the language test. The IUHPFL language test serves to assess the current level of language capability. It is therefore recommended that students work as usual in their foreign language classrooms and not specifically prepare for the test. Students should get a good night's rest the day before the test and allow plenty of time to arrive at the test location. No other preparation is needed.

Test Dates and Locations

Every October, language tests are administered in several major cities in Indiana—typically on Indiana University campuses or high schools—on Saturdays in October. Make-up tests are offered on the following Mondays for those who absolutely cannot test on Saturday.

Language testing for French, German, and Spanish students has closed for the 2014-2015 Program Cycle; however, Chinese language students will be test at the following dates and locations below:

Date Time Location Address
11.15.2014 8:30 am Zionsville Zionsville Community High School, 1000 Mulberry St, Zionsville
8:30 am Fort Wayne IPFW, Liberal Arts Building, 2101 Coliseum Blvd E, Ft. Wayne
12.6.2014 8:30 am Indianapolis IUPUI, Cavanaugh Hall, 425 University Blvd, Indianapolis
8:30 am Culver Culver Academies, 1300 Academy Rd #156, Culver

All students are required to show a valid photo ID when they check in for the test, including a state-issued driver’s license, a state-issued ID card, a school ID or a passport.

Before registering for the language test, potential participants are encouraged to:

  • Read the IUHPFL’s eligibility requirements to determine if a student and his/her school are eligible to participate in the Program
  • Understand the IUHPFL’s Honor Code, a code of conduct that all IUHPFL participants are expected to follow
  • Begin the process of applying for a passport since a passport number and passport copies will be required materials upon applying for the IUHPFL in December

Registering Online

All registrations and payments are administered online. Registration for the language test is $15 payable online by credit or debit card. Students who pass the language test receive an invitation to apply and may then proceed to the application. Register here for the language test.