Personal Application

Students who passed the language test will be invited to apply for an unforgettable experience of study abroad with the IUHPFL. All students with passing language test grades receive an e-mail invitation from the IUHPFL with detailed information about the application process. Students who scored below the passing grade may not apply to the program. 

All application materials are submitted online. We ask students to carefully read through the application instructions. Should you have any questions, please contact the IUHPFL office at .

Before Beginning with the Personal Application

As part of the application, students are asked to submit several documents as well as request appraisals from three specific individuals. Before filling out the application, students are strongly encouraged to review the IUHPFL website to confirm that the program is the right study abroad experience for them. In particular, students should review the following four sections: 

Country City Orientation Departure Return
Austria Graz TBA 6.10.2016 7.22.2016
Chile Viña del Mar TBA 6.10.2016 7.22.2016
China Hangzhou TBA 6.9.2016 7.14.2016
France Brest TBA 6.7.2016 7.19.2016
Saumur TBA 6.8.2016 7.20.2016
St. Brieuc TBA 6.6.2016 7.18.2016
Mexico Mérida TBA 6.9.2016 7.21.2016
Spain Ciudad Real TBA 6.7.2016 7.19.2016
León TBA 6.8.2016 7.20.2016
Oviedo TBA 6.6.2016 7.18.2016

Application and acceptance processes involve both students and guardians. In many cases, guardians in addition to their sons or daughters are required to acknowledge or electronically sign forms. Students and their guardians should therefore review documents together and maintain regular and thorough communication with each other throughout this exciting preparation time. After reviewing the information, interested students are encouraged to download the application instructions and then proceed to the


All application materials, including appraisals and transcripts must be downloaded and/or sent to the IUHPFL by the December 9th deadline. Students are responsible for following up with their appraisers and the school office and to confirm that materials have been sent.