Program Schedule

The IUHPFL is a year-round program. Beginning in August, teachers receive promotional materials, including bookmarks and posters. In the interest of saving trees, many items can now be found online, including the IUHPFL factsheet, a comparison of IUHPFL with other study abroad programs and the  IUHPFL video (on the right).

The program video provides an excellent glimpse into the program with lots of interviews of students, guardians and instructors. We highly recommend showing this video when introducing the program to a new generation of students. It is equally helpful for guardians who might like to learn first-hand what students experience when they spend five to six weeks abroad.

The Program Overview for Teachers explains each step of the process, beginning in August and ending with the study abroad experience of the student. 

Registrations and application materials, including appraisals are paperless and administered via the IUHPFL website.