Data Access

Among users, groups are established to control access to report objects. report objects that are restricted to a user will appear grayed-out in the Master or Test Catalogs.

If a user clicks on a restricted report object, a message is generated stating that they do not have access to run the report. The accompanying form can be filled out and submitted to request access from the appropriate Data Manager or Data Steward.

There are two levels of report object access restriction:

  • University Internal Access: By default, all IUIE users are members of the group University Internal and will be able to access any report object classified as such.
  • Restricted Access: A Data Manager must authorize access to report objects containing restricted data. Although a report object may appear grayed-out, a user can still read the metadata and request access, if needed. Once access is granted, users can take advantage of their updated access as soon as they receive confirmation.
  • To request access, users can also contact the IUIE Help desk by clicking the "Feedback" icon and filling out the provided form.

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