This tutorial is designed to provide an overview of the IUIE. Individual departments will provide specific data extract information to their users. If you prefer a more detailed text version, download the IUIE Training Manual

The tutorial is divided into three general sections:

  • The IUIE: This section describes what the IUIE is, how to register for an IUIE account, and how to login to the IUIE. This section also explains how to personalize the IUIE, search a catalog for a report object and how to find answers to questions about using the IUIE.
  • Master Catalog: This section describes the structure and function of the report object indexes and explains the difference between report object types. This section also covers data access.
  • My Catalog: This section describes the basic features of a report object and how data is extracted. The default folders, their function within My Catalog, and management capabilities are explained.