Report Parameters

With the exception of Frozen and Indexed reports, users may need to be familiar with report object data to know what parameters should be entered to extract relevant information.

Here is some general information about what parameter options may be available on report objects:

  • Field parameters determine which rows are selected and returned. Field names are often linked to a page of information about what data is contained in the row. A Valid Values button may be available if there is a list of pre-determined parameters for a field.
  • Column data can be chosen with check box or radio button selections. Users may also be able to select column data, and whether to display column names.

  • Format parameters can give users the option to display the results of a query in pre-determined formats, such as in Excel or WordPad.
  • Destination parameters can allow users to choose whether to view report output in a browser window, print to a Barr Printer, or send output to the Completed Reports folder within My Catalog.
  • The default is Wait for Output. This means that users wait for the query to run, which may take some time. A user can instead choose the Send Output to the Completed Reports Folder option. Then the query executes in the background, allowing continued interaction within the IUIE.

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