Personalizing the IUIE

Personalize, in addition to the ability to update user information, allow users to customize IUIE functions. Preference settings can be accessed by clicking on the fingerprint icon in the IUIE menu.

  • An Application setting can be chosen to display only the report objects to which a user has access. By default, all report objects are displayed in the Master Catalog. Instead of graying-out report objects to which a user does not have access, those will not display.
  • The IUIE can also generate email notifications. This setting must be selected to receive email about scheduled report objects. When report output is sent to the Completed Reports folder, located in My Catalog, the report runs in the background, allowing the user to continue interacting with the IUIE. When the report is finished running, an e-mail notification is sent to the user. The e-mail contains a link to the report output stored in the Completed Reports folder.
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