BARR Printing

With the exception of Frozen Reports, a BARR Printing option is available from all report objects in the IUIE.

Under the Output Destination section is a radio button that allows a user to direct output to a BARR printer. Next to the radio button is a text input field for the input of a 4 character BARR printer ID.

There is no default BARR printer selection. If the radio button is selected but the BARR printer ID field is left blank, the IUIE will read the empty field as an invalid BARR printer ID. An error page will be returned requesting that the user correct the printer ID or select another output destination.

Because BARR is essentially a registration service for departmental printers, users are expected to know the BARR printer ID's that they need to use. Only valid BARR printer ID's will be accepted in the text input field, but no list of valid printers is available through the IUIE.

The distributed printing group maintains web pages that list BARR printers and the forms they support. Please visit the Help page for more information.

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