Report Objects

The report object catalog index is displayed on the left side of the browser window and arranged in a tree structure of folders and subfolders. Report objects are organized by subject. Some subject area folders are currently empty but data will be available in the future.

The IUIE contains 6 types of report objects. With the exception of Frozen and Linked Reports, all report objects require parameter input and provide some choices for formatting the query output.

Each report object type corresponds to its own icon. Restricted reports will have a corresponding blank page icon in addition to grayed-out text. To see examples, click on the following links:








When a user selects a report object, the report loads on the right side of the screen. All report objects have a similar layout. A Metadata section can be found at the top of every report object. The body of the report object consists of Parameter Input sections for data extraction. To run any report, input data retrieval parameters, choose an output format, an output destination, and click the "Run" button.

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