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General Information Hungarian Cultural and Information Center is a webpage that provides an eclectic list of sites that relate to Hungary. (English) Startlap is a webpage that provides information on and links to a large variety of topics related to Hungary including chatlines, recipes, radio stations and a lot more. (Hungarian) 08_bgn.html/: US Department of State, Bureau of European Affairs website includes interesting facts about the history, government and culture of Hungary. Tourism Info provides an assortment of information on tourist sites, events and accommodations in Hungary. (English, Hungarian, and German)

Illustration taken from A Magyarország Néprajza The Hungarian Homepage is a site with information on various homepages in Hungary and other information.(Hungarian and English) faculty/thury/magyar.html: Hungarian links A site that includes a collection of Hungarian links about the history and culture of Hungary. (English) Hungarian History Created by the historian Dr. Péter Hidás, this site offers an excellent range of information on the history of Hungary, Hungarian Jews and 1956. The Hungarian Network offers a variety of services. (Hungarian and English) The Hungary website, created by Stephen Palffy, includes facts about Hungary and a search engine of Hungarian sites. (English) : The Hungary Page provides various information on the history and culture of Hungary. Including maps, recipes and other resources.(English) Kinga's Cool Hungarian Links links to sites with information about Hungary. (English) :The Hungarian Net site includes information about Hungary, interesting links and the Szekely and Magyar anthems. (Hungarian) Hungary provides basic information about Hungary courtesy of the Technical University of Budapest. (English)

Cultural Groups, Events and Links The Hungarian House of New York contains a calendar of events related to Hungarian culture in the New York area. (Hungarian and English) Hungarian American Coalition Homepage is a site with information about the Coalition and its activities. (English) Central European Teaching Program is an organization at Beloit College which sends Americans to teach English in Hungary, Romania, Poland and Latvia. If you are interested, check out this site! (English) Hungarian American Coalition Members provides links to all Hungarian-American organizations that are members of the coalition.(English) Habsburg is a discussion site dedicated to topics related to the culture and history of the Habsburg Monarchy. (English) American Association for the Study of Hungarian History is a site with information about the association, the Hungarian Studies Review, and St. John's University College Europe program. (English) Cserkeszek Online a website of Hungarian Scout Troops 8 & 49 from the greater Los Angeles area. Included in the site is a large collection of folk songs, other cultural links and information/pictures about the scouting troop. Oxford Hungarian Society includes pictures, links, Brahms 5th Hungarian Dance and information about Hungary.(English, Hungarian) Hungarian Folklore Center provides information about various Hungarian folklore groups and events. (Hungarian and English). István király verses históriája is a site with information about Hungarian culture and literature. (Hungarian) The Institute of European Folklore is located in Budapest. The site provides information about the Institute as well as several links to relevant sites. In Memorium of Zoltan Teszleri a site dedicated to the memory of the Hungarian pianist Zoltan Teszleri. Ernie's Deli is a site that sells Hungarian food on-line.(English) Otto's Hungarian Import Store and Deli is a site that sells Hungarian imports and food.(English) Tisza Ensemble site includes a schedule of events, song recordings, photos and information about the group and others.(English and Hungarian) Hungarian Culture Homepage information on a variety of topics, including various cultural events. (Hungarian and English). Népmuvé is a site dedicated to Hungarian folkart. (Hungarian and English)

www.troutdream.balkanarama/hungary.htm : Balkanarama Hungary site Search engine for various sites dealing with folk art and music in Hungary. Site under Balkan Links. (English) :St. Stephen King of Hungary Church website. The church is located in Chicago, IL. (Hungarian and English) Mind the Gap: This website is a grassroots initiative, created in response to a crisis in Hungarian Internet user society going on since 29 April 2002, triggered by the recent market behaviour of Hungaian telecom giant Matav. The aim of our work is to collect and provide information about the situation in English language.

Genealogical Links WorldGenWeb's Hungary Site
provides genealogical information about Hungary. The Federation of East European Family History Societies maintains an excellent genealogical website with information about all ethnic groups in Eastern Europe. The Genealogist provides genealogical information about Hungary and other selected European countries. McComb/Kereszturi Page includes historical links about Hungary, information about the Kereszturi family. (English) The Kosztolányi Family Tree includes information about the history and historical significance of the family. Hungarian/American Friendship Society (HAFS) is a site dedicated to geneological research in Hungary and Slovakia. (English) : Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies This site contains geneological information on the former territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The site includes links to the geneologies of different ethnic groups and several maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Hungarian and English) The Prohonas Family Tree provides information about several family members living throughout the world. The Prolopovits/ Palmer Family Tree, includes family photos and links to Hungarian sites.(English, Hungarian)

News and Magazine Links Népszabadság is a Hungarian daily. (Hungarian) Magyar Nemzet is a Hungarian Daily. (Hungarian) Népszava is a Hungarian daily. (Hungarian) Magyar Narancs is an alternative Hungarian political magazine. (Hungarian) Stand is an excellent Hungarian news service that provides links to hundreds of magazine and newspaper sites in Hungary. (Hungarian). : Beszélo is a Hungarian cultural and political magazine. (Hungarian) : 168ora is a Hungarian cultural and political magazine. (Hungarian) : Budapest Sun is a English language daily published in Hungary's capitol. (English) : HVG is a Hungarian economic and political magazine. (Hungarian) : Élet és Irodalom is a Hungarian literary magazine. (Hungarian) : Alföld is a Hungarian literary magazine. (Hungarian) : Kortars is a Hungarian literary magazine. (Hungarian) : Balkon is a Hungarian cultural magazine. (Hungarian) : Folkmagazin is a cultural magazine concerning Hungarian folkmusic and art. (Hungarian) : Amarodrom is a cultural-political magazine dedicated to Hungarian gypsy rights and culture. (Hungarian)

www.bmhirlap: Békes Megyei Hirlap is the Békes County newspaper. (Hungarian) Internetto is a Hungarian daily news site. (Hungarian) The Hungarian Quarterly is an English-language periodical dedicated to the economy, culture, society and history of Hungary. (English)

TV and Radio BBC Hungarian Broadcast: complete with audio and text newscovereage. (Hungarian and English). Magyar nyelvű rádióadások az Interneten is a site that contains links to over 25 Hungarian radio sites. Magyar nyelvű televizióadások az interneten contains links to Hungarian TV sites Petőfi Rádió Kossuth Rádió Juventus Rádió

Language Instruction and Dictionaries Hungarian lesson plans and other information about the Hungarian Language. Gold Bridge Hungarian Language School offers intensive Hungarian lessons. Hungarotips lesson plans, puzzles and various information on the Hungarian language (English) English-Hungarian dictionary, German-Hungarian dictionary, Webster dictionary, library sites and an assortment of information. (English, Hungarian) Hungarian-Japanese dictionary, and other information. Freeware Dictionary Program Both English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English dictionaries. Easy to use. Alternative Dictionaries' Hungarian Slang contains a Hungarian/English dictionary of slang words.

Governmental, Educational and Non-profit Organizations Embassy of the Republic of Hungary located in Washington, D.C. (Hungarian and English). Office of the Hungarian Prime Minister (Hungarian and English) Hungarian Human Rights Foundation provides information on the minority rights of ethnic Hungarians living outside of Hungary. Országos Széchényi Könyvtár (The National Széchényi Library) is Hungary's largest library and is an important resource to all specialists of Hungary.(Hungarian, English and German) Hungarian Electronic Library sponsored by the National Széchényi library, this virtual library has over 3,000 downloadable texts from all major fields of study and is in the process of expanding. (Hungarian and English) Corvinus Library of Hungarian History

Business and Professional Associations Business Web Hungary (English and Hungarian) Access Hungary is a site that provides information about business in Hungary. Hungarian Patent Agency ArchitectsForum is first Internet information and communication publication for architects in Hungary.(Hungarian)

Search Engines

Illustration taken from A Magyarország Néprajza Hungarian Information Services is a search engine for various sites related to Hungary. (English) The Hungarian Directory a search engine for Hungary organized by subject. (Hungarian) The Heureka Home Page is a search engine for Hungary. (Hungarian) Yahoo for Hungary (English) Hollosi Information Exchange Search engine for a variety of Hungarian topics, including weather. (Hungarian)


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