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About the IPE

This is your first step to discover what Indiana University Bloomington offers in academics, research, creative activities, and organizations focusing on the environment.

The IU Integrated Program in the Environment brings together more than 90 faculty members–including world-renowned scientists and instructors.  It reaches across 25 departments and 5 schools within IU–one of the Big 10's top universities.  IPE encourages collaborations in the classroom, lab, field, outreach, and other activities.  Its interdisciplinary nature reflects not only the contributions of the individual scholars, but a commitment to cooperation and shared purpose necessary to prepare the next generation of scientists and leaders.

Our world faces significant challenges.  Be part of the solution.  Help guide the planet to a sustainable future by:

  • Exploring the critical issues affecting ecosystems, sustainability, climate, air, water, natural resources, and more;
  • Confronting issues at both local and global levels; and
  • Communicating information to the public and policymakers.

Indiana University will provide you with the tools to face the challenges.

They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.  Andy Warhol (American artist, 1928-1987)

The Integrated Program in the Environment (launched in 2013) is the first phase in a reorganization of environmental studies at IU Bloomington as outlined in the New Academic Directions report approved by the IU Board of Trustees in April 2011.  The program serves under the auspices of the IU Office of the Provost.  It receives funding from the Provost, IU College of Arts & Sciences, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and IU School of Public Health.  The program is jointly administered by the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the IU College of Arts & Sciences.

IPE Mission

Jeff White, IU IPE Director
Jeff White, IU IPE Director

The Integrated Program in the Environment aims to serve:
  • Undergraduate students through a set of integrated academic programs that span the full breadth of environmental and sustainability studies. The focus of these degrees ranges from physical and natural sciences, to social sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as environmental management.
  • Graduate students seeking advanced study and research opportunities by providing an effective portal into the wide range of programs, scholarship, and creative activity on the Bloomington campus that include environmental science and sustainability themes.
  • The broader community by providing an effective storefront into the rich array of seminars, colloquia, exhibits, service activities, and events taking place on the Bloomington campus and community that highlight environmental science and sustainability topics.

word cluster defining the Integrated Program in the Environment

The "word cluster" represents the many facets of the IPE.  Click on the image for a larger view.