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 Indiana University Bloomington

IPE Faculty Affiliates

The expertise and interests of the IPE faculty affiliates are many; however, they all share a commitment to the environment, their students and colleagues, and their research. 

The strengths of IPE faculty affiliates can be grouped within the following themes:

  • Environmental Science
  • Human-Environment Interaction and Sustainability
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Environmental Policy and Management
  • Environment in the Arts and Humanities
  • Sustainable Design

Search the affiliate directory below by name or keywords (or use the separate "theme" search) to refine the list.


Majed AkhterMajed Akhter
(812) 855-7971
Keywords:  water security, agrarian political economy, political ecology, modern Pakistan and South Asia envsci, policy,
Shahzeen AttariShahzeen Attari
(812) 855-1467
Keywords:  resource consumption, perceptions, efficiency and conservation, behavioral economics, social dilemmas envsci, policy,
A. James BarnesA. James Barnes
(812) 856-2188
Keywords:  environmental law, domestic and international environmental policy, ethics and the public official policy,
James D. BeverJames D. Bever
(812) 855-0771
Keywords:  ecology, restoration, plant-soil feedback, evolution, mycorrhizal fungi, host-pathogen dynamics, plant invasion envsci,
Bennet B BrabsonBennet B Brabson
(812) 855-3881
Keywords:  climate, climate extremes, soil moisture envsci,
Jennifer N. BrassJennifer N. Brass
(812) 855 1460
Keywords:  service provision, electricity, energy, distributed generation, sub-Saharan Africa, NGOs, governance, collaboration envsci, policy,
Eduardo S. BrondizioEduardo S. Brondizio
(812) 855-8162
Keywords:  environmental and economic anthropology, land use and landscape history, ethnobotany, household economy, sociodemography, dual livelihoods, people-forest interaction, socio-ecological complex systems analysis, integrative methodologies and geospatial applications in the social sciences, global environmental change sustain,
William Marshall BrownWilliam Marshall Brown
(812) 855-1822
Keywords:  sustainable communities, sustainable design, campus sustainability, organizational change leadership sustain, policy, design,
James H. CapshewJames H. Capshew
(812) 855-3655
Keywords:  history of psychology, university history, genius loci, community history, local culture, history of dendrochronology arts,
Sanya CarleySanya Carley
(812) 856-0920
Keywords:  energy policy, energy-based economic development, electric vehicles, distributed generation envsci, policy,
Meriem ChidaMeriem Chida
Keywords:  environmental & cultural capital, heritage tourism, development policies, sustainability, innovation & waste management strategies sustain, health,
Melissa ClarkMelissa Clark
(812) 855-4556
Keywords:  limnology, lake, watershed management, aquatic habitat, environmental sustainability, stream ecology envsci,
Keith ClayKeith Clay
(812) 855-8158
Keywords:  symbiosis, disease, mutualism, ecology, plants, fungi, bacteria, ticks envsci,
Daniel H. ColeDaniel H. Cole
(812) 855-2426
Keywords:  law, economics, politics, property, natural resources, pollution, climate change policy,
Christopher B. CraftChristopher B. Craft
(812) 856-1837
Keywords:  wetland restoration, ecosystem development, wetlands and water quality, wetlands and climate change, carbon sequestration, peat accretion envsci,
Doug EdmondsDoug Edmonds
(812) 855-4512
Keywords:  rivers, fluid flow, transport, sediment, coastlines, deltas envsci,
Kevin EllettKevin Ellett

Sustainability in energy and water resources, geological carbon sequestration, geothermal heat pump systems, critical zone processes

Erika R. ElswickErika R. Elswick
(812) 855-2493
Keywords:  geochemistry, sedimentology, paleoclimate, stable isotopes envsci,
Mary EmbryMary Embry
Keywords:  textiles and apparel, fair trade, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, global citizenship, service-learning sustain, design,
Tom EvansTom Evans
(812) 219-6009
Keywords:  coupled natural-human systems, human-environment interactions, sustainable agriculture, food security, water, forests, GIS, remote sensing, spatial modeling, agent-based modeling sustain, policy,
Alan EwertAlan Ewert
(812) 855-8116
Keywords:  human health, natural environments health,
James FarmerJames Farmer
(812) 856-0969
Keywords:  sustainable behavior, land conservation/preservation, local food systems, sustainable and organic agriculture, farming sustain,
Darren FicklinDarren Ficklin
(812) 856-5047
Keywords:  watershed, watershed modeling, groundwater, climate change, water quality, model uncertainty envsci,
Burney FischerBurney Fischer
(812) 856-5016
Keywords:  urban forestry, urban ecosystems, environmental governance envsci, policy,
Robert L. FischmanRobert L. Fischman
(812) 855-4565
Keywords:  conservation planning, public land management, wildlife refuges, endangered species act, environmental law policy,
Amar FloodAmar Flood
Keywords:  Ion remediation, water, molecular recognition, chemical synthesis envsci, design,
Matthew GrimesMatthew Grimes
(812) 855-2747

social entrepreneurship, B Corporations, NGOs, economic development, environmental entrepreneurship, organization and management theory

David HabermanDavid Haberman
(812) 855-3531

religion and ecology

sustain, arts,
Spencer HallSpencer Hall
(812) 855-6009
Keywords:  food webs, limnology, disease ecology, mathematical modeling, ecological stoichiometry, consumer-resource envsci,
Michael HamburgerMichael Hamburger
(812) 855-2934
Keywords:  earthquakes, seismology, natural disasters, tectonics envsci,
Michael HendryxMichael Hendryx
(812) 856-8875

health disparities, human health, environmental justice, mountaintop mining, Appalachia

Marjorie HersheyMarjorie Hershey
(812) 855-6308
Keywords:  environment, climate change, political parties, interest groups policy,
Gary M. HieftjeGary M. Hieftje
(812) 855-6262
Keywords:  Chemical analysis, chemical instrumentation, mass spectrometry, environmental analysis, forensic analysis, laser ablation, fiber optic sensors, emission spectrometry, elemental analysis, isotope-ratio analysis, ambient desorption/ionization mass spectrometry envsci,
Ronald A. HitesRonald A. Hites
(812) 855-0193
Keywords:  PCBs, pesticides, flame retardants, Great Lakes, environmental chemistry envsci,
Taehee HwangTaehee Hwang

Ecohydrology, Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology

envsci, sustain,
Carl IpsenCarl Ipsen
(812) 855-8976
Keywords:  food, sustainability, history, population, Italy sustain,
Claudia JohnsonClaudia Johnson

Evolution of reef ecosystems, reefs and climate change, Cretaceous marine ecosystems, Olduvai Gorge invertebrate paleontology, Pleistocene climate change in the African Rift Valley

Stephanie KaneStephanie Kane
(812) 855-0896
Keywords:  political ecology of water, port cities, ethnography, environmental justice, aquatic dimensions of climate change and disaster, Latin America sustain, policy, arts,
David M. KehoeDavid M. Kehoe
(812) 856-4715
Keywords:  light acclimation, nutrient acclimation, aquatic biology, signal transduction, cyanobacteria, plants, photoreceptors, marine biology envsci,
Ellen KettersonEllen Ketterson
(812) 855-6837
Keywords:  physiological and behavioral ecology, adaptation and constraint, phenotypic integration, hormones and behavior, avian biology, animal migrations, animal behavior, sex and gender envsci,
Khalid KhanKhalid Khan
Keywords:  community environmental health interventions, environment related neurobehavioral outcomes, global health, water and sanitation, pesticides health,
James E. KlaunigJames E. Klaunig
(812) 856-2448
Keywords:  toxicology, carcinogenesis, human health health,
Douglas H. KnappDouglas H. Knapp
(812) 855-3094
sustain, health,
Daniel C. KnudsenDaniel C. Knudsen
(812) 855-6303
Keywords:  landscape studies, food studies, tourism studies sustain,
David KoniskyDavid Konisky
(812) 855-6990

environmental policy, energy and climate change, regulation, public opinion, state politics, federalism

Steven F. KreftSteven F. Kreft
(812) 856-4965
Keywords:  public economics, sustainability, corporate social strategy, non-market risks, entrepreneurship sustain, policy,
Kevin LairKevin Lair
(812) 375-7589
Keywords:  design, intelligent building systems, environmental modeling, Design for Disassembly (DfD), deconstruction, design for the environment, Continue Productive Urban Landscapes (CPUL), biocomposites, shape memory materials, rural ecology, nonhuman, Westbrook Artists' Site (WAS) design,
Rebecca LaveRebecca Lave
(812) 855-0940
Keywords:  stream restoration, political economy, social studies of science envsci, sustain,
Jay T. LennonJay T. Lennon
(812) 856-0962
Keywords:  microbial biodiversity: from evolution to ecosystems envsci,
Sally LetsingerSally Letsinger
(812) 855-1356
Keywords:  hydrogeology, geomorphology, numerical modeling, geographic information sciences, remote sensing envsci,
John W. MaxwellJohn W. Maxwell
(812) 856-1536
Keywords:  corporate environmentalism and public policy policy,
Justin MaxwellJustin Maxwell
(812) 855-5557
Keywords:  biogeography, climatology, climate change, dendrochronology, forest disturbances envsci,
James "Jake" McKinlayJames "Jake" McKinlay
(812) 855-0359
Keywords:  metabolism, physiology, photosynthesis, isotope, biofuel, bioenergy, metabolic engineering, fermentation envsci,
Vicky MeretskyVicky Meretsky
(812) 855-3836
Keywords:  conservation biology, conservation policy, climate change, endangered species envsci, policy,
Jennifer Meta RobinsonJennifer Meta Robinson
(812) 855-4607
Keywords:  sustainable agriculture, local food, sense of place, vernacular pedagogies sustain, arts,
Alyce MillerAlyce Miller
(812) 855-8224
Keywords:  animals, animality, law, race, gender, literature, creative writing policy, arts,
Sarah K. MinceySarah K. Mincey
(812) 855-2230
Keywords:  natural resource management, social-ecological systems, urban and community forestry, applied ecology, collective action, institutional analysis envsci, sustain, policy,
Shawn NaylorShawn Naylor
(812) 855-2504

vadose zone, soil hydrology, groundwater, glacial sediments, hydrologic instrumentation

Marlene NewmanMarlene Newman
(812) 855-5223

Architecture, Historic Preservation, Pre-fab and Modular Design, Sustainable Design

sustain, design,
Kim NovickKim Novick
(812) 855-3010
Keywords:  ecology, carbon cycling, water, climate change, forests, biometeorology envsci,
Scott O'BryanScott O'Bryan
(812) 855-2454
sustain, arts,
Greg A. OlyphantGreg A. Olyphant
(812) 855-1354
Keywords:  hydrology, geomorphology, mathematical and statistical modeling envsci,
Sarah OsterhoudtSarah Osterhoudt
(812) 855-0871
Keywords:  Environmental anthropology, political ecology, agrarian studies, agro-ecological systems, sustainable trade sustain, design,
Richard PhillipsRichard Phillips
(812) 856-0593
Keywords:  biogeochemistry, forest, soils, carbon, nitrogen, roots, rhizosphere, mycorrhizae envsci,
Flynn PicardalFlynn Picardal
(812) 855-0733
Keywords:  environmental microbiology, biogeochemistry, environmental engineering envsci,
P. David PollyP. David Polly
(812) 855-7994
Keywords:  paleontology, climate change biology, ecology and evolution, vertebrates envsci,
Lisa M. PrattLisa M. Pratt
(812) 855-9203
Keywords:  sulfer isotope fractionation, Mars, geomicrobiology, biogeochemistry envsci,
Jonathan RacekJonathan Racek
Keywords:  architecture, design, LEED, developing world, playground, sustainable design, participatory design design,
Jonathan D. RaffJonathan D. Raff
(812) 855-6525
Keywords:  atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, environmental catalysis, and climate change envsci,
J.C. RandolphJ.C. Randolph
(812) 855-7980

Forest ecology and management, Global environmental change

envsci, policy,
Rafael ReuvenyRafael Reuveny
(812) 855-6112
Keywords:  sustainable development/social sciences, resources and war, trade and environment, democracy and environment, environment and migration, effects of war on the environment, migration and health, natural disasters effects on socioeconomic and political forces (trade, migration, civil war, war), game theoretical models, statistical models, dynamic models, optimal control models, social collapse of historical civilizations due to environmental degradation policy,
Heather ReynoldsHeather Reynolds
(812) 855-0792
Keywords:  ecology, microbial interactions and pathogenesis, plant-environment interactions, environmental heterogeneity, invasive species, ecological restoration, sustainable agriculture, educational outreach, service-learning envsci,
Ken RichardsKen Richards
(812) 855-5971
Keywords:  environmental economics, policy and law; energy economics, policy and law; climate change policy; comparative international environmental policy; policy instrument choice and implementation; terrestrial and geological carbon sequestration; corporate management for sustainability; trisectoral cooperation for sustainability; sustainability training. envsci, sustain, policy,
Scott RobesonScott Robeson
(812) 855-6303
Keywords:  climate change, spatial analysis, environmental change, climate impacts, statistics envsci,
Jill RobinsonJill Robinson
(812) 855-6601
Keywords:  atmospheric chemistry, air quality, climate change envsci,
Todd V. RoyerTodd V. Royer
(812) 855-0563
Keywords:  aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, water resources envsci,
John A. RuppJohn A. Rupp
(812) 855-1323 / (812) 855-7980
Keywords:  subsurface geology, petroleum geology, stratigraphy, carbon dioxide sequestration, coalbed methane envsci,
Peter SauerPeter Sauer
(812) 855-6591
Keywords:  paleoclimate, isotope geochemistry, organic geochemistry, stable isotopes envsci,
Arndt SchimmelmannArndt Schimmelmann
(812) 855-7645
Keywords:  stable isotopes, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sedimentology, paleoceanography, fossil fuel envsci,
Whitney SchlegelWhitney Schlegel
(812) 855-7116
Keywords:  behavior, sustainability, team-based learning, interdisciplinary science, service learning and leadership health,
Jonathan SchlesingerJonathan Schlesinger
(812) 855-6882
Keywords:  environmental history, China and Inner Asia, globalization, early modern empires and frontiers, race and ethnicity, commodities and consumption policy, arts,
Ursel SchuetteUrsel Schuette
(812) 856 2915
Keywords:  microbial communities, peatland, arctic, bioremediation envsci,
Jeanne SeptJeanne Sept
(812) 855-5395
Keywords:  paleoenvironmental reconstruction, paleoanthropology, archaeology, food studies envsci, sustain,
Scott ShackelfordScott Shackelford
(812) 856-6728
Keywords:  law, cybersecurity, sustainability law, environmental law, international business law policy,
James ShanahanJames Shanahan
Keywords:  Environmental communication, media and public opinion, media effects arts,
Joseph ShawJoseph Shaw
(812) 855-5971
Keywords:  environmental toxicology, environmental genomics, comparative physiology envsci,
Angie SheltonAngie Shelton
(812) 855-1674
Keywords:  IURTP, ecology, invasive species, white-tailed deer, forests envsci,
Lisa SiderisLisa Sideris
(812) 855-3531
Keywords:  environmental ethics, religion and nature, science and religion arts,
Thomas P. SimonThomas P. Simon
(812) 855-4672
Keywords:  environmental indicators, ecotoxicology, biological integrity, risk assessment, risk analysis, North American fish and crayfish, reproductive biology and early life history of fishes envsci,
Philip S. StevensPhilip S. Stevens
(812) 856-0863
Keywords:  atmospheric chemistry, air quality, biosphere-atmosphere interactions envsci,
David StringerDavid Stringer
(812) 855-5592

language acquisition; language attrition; language revitalization; multilingualism; biocultural diversity conservation; traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) in endangered languages

Peter ToddPeter Todd
(812) 855-0715

food cognition, decision making, consumer behavior

Catherine M. TuckerCatherine M. Tucker
(812) 855-9360
Keywords:  human-environment interactions, community-based natural resource management, ecological & economic anthropology, political ecology, institutional analysis, adaptation to climate change, coffee production & consumption, Latin America sustain, policy,
Marta VenierMarta Venier
(812) 855 1005
Keywords:  persistent organic pollutants, flame retardants, Great Lakes, environmental chemistry envsci,
Adam S. WardAdam S. Ward
Keywords:  Hydrology, water, environment envsci,
Laura E. WasylenkiLaura E. Wasylenki
(812) 855-7508
Keywords:  metals in the environment, metal isotope fractionation, transition and post-transition metals, isotope systematics, ICP mass spectrometry, SesameLab, biogeochemistry envsci,
W. William WeeksW. William Weeks
(812) 855-0615
Keywords:  conservation easements, biodiversity conservation, endangered species act, migratory bird treaty act, invasive species, land trusts policy,
Jeff WhiteJeff White
(812) 856-0084
Keywords:  wetland biogeochemistry, climate change, arctic ecosystems envsci,
Andrea WileyAndrea Wiley
(812) 856-4993
Keywords:  diet, nutrition, human adaptability, India, demography, health, child growth sustain,
Richard WilkRichard Wilk
(812) 855-3901
Keywords:  sustainability, food, consumption, consumerism, energy sustain,
Jiangmei WuJiangmei Wu
(812) 272-3078
Keywords:  LEED AP, sustainable design, green building, LED, folded light art design,
Chen ZhuChen Zhu
(812) 856-1884
Keywords:  CO2-water-rock interactions, aqueous geochemistry, geochemical modeling envsci,
Nikos ZirogiannisNikos Zirogiannis
(812) 856-8323

Environmental Economics and Policy, Energy Policy, Applied Econometrics, Time Series Analysis