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 Indiana University Bloomington

Research Centers and Institutes

Centers and institutes on the IU Bloomington campus promote and support research and creative activities in a variety of ways for IU faculty and students. 

Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change
Provides a setting where interdisciplinary training and research on the human dimensions of global environmental change can take place

Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics
Provides IU faculty access to genome technologies and bioinformatic support, provides consulting and training that supports the development of genome-enabled research programs and grant proposals, and develops new genome technologies and bioinformatics tools that are not easily purchased as a fee for service elsewhere.

Center for Geospatial Data Analysis
Provides scientifically-based decision-support systems to a wide variety of technical and nontechnical users, in order to promote the environmentally sound use of land, water, and mineral resources.

Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change
Studies processes of change in forest environments as mediated by institutional arrangements, demographic factors, and other major human driving forces.

Indiana Geological Survey
Provides geologic information and counsel that contribute to the wise stewardship of the energy, mineral, and water resources of the state.

Indiana Molecular Biology Institute
Fosters excellence in molecular biology disciplines at IU Bloomington by providing molecular biology facilities and resources to the research community; IMBI state-of-the-art facilities for multiple researcher use include the DNA facility, the microscopy facility, an insect cell culture facility, and a BL3 tissue culture facility.

Social Science Research Commons
Stimulates, coordinates, and sustains social science research on the Bloomington campus. Provides a centrally located facility that serves as a hub for social scientists.

The Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis
Promotes the interdisciplinary study of institutions, incentives, and behavior as they relate to policy-relevant applications.