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June 23, 2013 - June 29, 2013
June 23
June 24
  • Effects of real-time cochlear implant simulation on speech perception and production

    Time: 01:30pm - 04:00pm 

    Place: Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU


    Elizabeth Casserly (Dissertation defense)

    Real-time use of spoken language is a fundamentally interactive process involving speech perception, speech production, linguistic competence, motor control, neurocognitive abilities such as working memory, attention, and executive function, environmental noise, conversational context, and - critically - the communicative interaction between speakers and listeners. In this thesis, use of a novel portable, real -time vocoder (PRTV) allowed for exploration of these foundational interactions in a variety of new ways. Experiment 1 linked perception and production, describing the impact of real-time perceptual transformation of acoustic feedback on segmental acoustic-phonetics in speech production. Chapter 2 obtained evidence for links between cognitive/attentional resources and real-time spoken language processing; in a series of three experiments, supra-segmental changes in speech production consistent with effects of limited attention were found as a result of real-time feedback perturbation . The playback experiment reported in Chapter 3 examined the impact of feedback -related changes in speech production from the point of view of a listener, finding that na'ive listeners could accurately discriminate differences in speech produced under unprocessed versus real -time perturbation conditions. While Chapters 1-3 focused on interactive effects in speech processing over short time periods, Chapter 4 investigated the coupling between speech perception and production in two subjects over 16 hours of PRTV use, exploring the impact of dynamic change on the perception/production relationship. Finally, the two experiments reported in Chapter 5 link the communicative context of real -world spoken language use to the domains and effectiveness of short-term perceptual learning . These findings enhance our understanding of several foundational linguistic and psychological issues, from basic links between perception and production to the experience of deaf users of cochlear implants.


    In category: Phonetics and phonology


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