Indiana Latino
Leadership Conference
Indiana University | Bloomington, IN

Where There is a Will There is a Way,

About the Conference

The Indiana Latino Leadership Conference was established to provide a venue that celebrates the uniqueness of Latino students in a forum by and for students. This forum seeks to cultivate the exchange of ideas, values, and beliefs in order to promote scholarship, leadership, cultural awareness and community. By focusing on these goals, the Latino Enhancement Cooperative believes it will encourage further academic inquiry, student development and empowerment of Indiana's college and high schools Latinos.

The conference’s purpose is also to fulfill an increasing need for awareness of specific challenges Latinos face in obtaining education. The result is the forming of a community of leaders that support Latino students in achieving academic success. Although the conference concerns topics concerning the Latino community, the conference encourages the participation and involvement of individuals from all other cultural and racial backgrounds.

Registration due February 13, 2015

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