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Indiana University

Officers (2005-2006)

The membership of IULFC is representative of the Indiana University Libraries system. Elected membership consists of members from Bloomington, IUPUI, and members from the regional campuses.

Bloomington Representatives
Suzanne Mudge (2004-2006)
Archives of Traditional Music

Andrea Morrison (2005-2007)
Wells Library

Elizabeth Johnson (2005-2006)
Lilly Library

Michael Maben (2005-2007)
Law Library


Representatives Alternates

William Orme (2004-2006)
University Library

Joseph Harmon (2004-2006)
University Library

Karen Janke (2005-2007)
University Library

Mary Hudson (2005-2007)
Law Library

Debra Denslaw (2005-2007)
Law Library

Mahnaz Moshfegh (2005-2007)
Law Library

Regional Campuses

Representatives Alternates

Kirsten Leonard (2005-2007)

Gabrielle Carr (2005-2007)

Alison Stankrauff (2006-2008)
IUSB Library

Margit Codispoti (2006-2008)
IPFW Library


Vincci Kwong (2005-2007), Webmaster