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Indiana University

Officers (2008-2009)

The membership of IULFC is representative of the Indiana University Libraries system. Elected membership consists of members from Bloomington, IUPUI, and members from the regional campuses.

Bloomington Representatives
Nonie Watt (2007-2009)
Law Library

Phil Ponella (2007-2009)
Music Library

Elizabeth Johnson (2008-2010)
Lilly Library

Sherri Michaels (2008-2010)
Wells Library


Representatives Alternates

Joe Harmon (2007-2009)
University Library

Jaena Hollingsworth (2007-2009)
University Library

Kristi Palmer (2007-2009)
University Library

May Jafari (2007-2009)
University Library

Beth Whipple (2008-2010)
University Library

Steve Miller (2008-2010)
University Library

Regional Campuses

Representatives Alternates

Steve McShane (2007-2009), Secretary
IUN Library

Sue McFadden (2008-2010)
IUE Library

Judith Garrison (2008-2010)
IPFW Library

Vincci Kwong (2008-2010), Webmaster