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IULFC Webmaster Manual

Welcome to your new duties as Webmaster of the IULFC. This manual, listed the resources which is very useful in carrying out your responsibilities as a Webmaster. Please help future Webmasters by updating the information as necessary and forwarding the manual and corresponding disk to the next Webmaster.

This manual was last updated:
Oct 19, 2005 by Vincci Kwong (IUSB)
Sept 9, 2003 by Scott Opasik (IUSB)

Things you will need

  1. IU Web Account

    The best way to get an account is to have the previous Webmaster complete a Web Account Transfer Request. Doing so will insure that important information about maintaining Web pages at IU will be sent to you by Most of the documents included in this manual originally came from

    For more information on how to transfer a Web account, see IU Knowledge Base document on How do I transfer ownership of my IU Veritas account to someone else?.

    The online form used to transfer a Web account can be found at:

    You will need to authenticate before proceeding.

  2. Download SSH Secure Shell for Windows

    This software will allow you to transfer files between your desktop and the IU Web server. For more information on SSH Secure Shell and a link for downloading the software, see the IU Knowledge Base document on What are SSH and SSH2.

  3. Documentation about IUB Web templates

    Please download the following document for reference. You will not need to download the templates, they have been downloaded to the IULFC Web directory.

  4. HTML Editing Software

    You will need to do very little formatting. Most of the formatting (font, font colors, margin widths and general page layout) is controlled by a cascading style sheet. Because you will do little formatting, I will suggest you to use a simple editor such as notepad rather than MS FrontPage or Netscape Composer which tend to leave much additional code. This additional code makes it difficult for future Webmaster who will need to update your pages.

    I used a simple editor called Crimson Editor. The program is small and can be downloaded free of charge at:

Other Helpful Resources

  1. Benchmarks for IU Web Pages

  2. IU's Search Service

  3. For the university web servers, what address should I use when making an SSH or FTP connection to my account?

  4. W3C Markup Validation Service