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Reading room at Maxwell Hall, to which the library moved in 1891.
Fireplace in reading room at Maxwell Hall.
Library Building, now Franklin Hall, was constructed in 1906/1907 to house the library of Indiana University. The east wing was added in the 1920s.
Dunn's Woods, the site of Indiana University Bloomington since the 1880s.


Seminary Square buildings
Shows the second library building at Seminary Square, which was destroyed by fire in July 1883.
Shows Owen Hall and Wylie Hall, the first buildings built on the new campus site at Dunn's Woods in 1884/1885. The library moved to Wylie Hall in 1885.
Herman B. Wells and Josiah K. Lilly Jr. breaking ground for the new Lilly Library in 1958.
Undergraduate Library (1962) was housed in the Student Building at IUB until the Main Library was built at 10th and Jordan in the 1960's

Postcard of Wylie Hall, which housed the library between 1891 and 1907.
Owen and Wylie Halls under construction after the campus moved to the Dunn's Woods site in the 1880's.

Undergraduate students use the card catalog, microcassettes and InfoTrac in the 1990's to access information sources for papers.

Publications from governmental bodies were housed separately in the Documents Department in the Main Library (now Franklin Hall), later called Government Publications Department.

Louise Maxwell in Librarian's Office in Maxwell Hall, probably in the 1890s.
Undergraduate Library Services (established in 1962) subscribed to microcassette service for Infotrac articles, i.e. Infotrac index linked to article.

Two people entering Main Library (Herman B Wells Library) from 10th Street side.


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