Indiana University Bloomington

Minutes: November 14, 2010

During our general body meeting, we discussed the following:

The induction ceremony will be Sunday December 5th 2010 at 6pm in the Federal Room of the IMU (formal attire). All those who will be inducted should have already gotten an email. If you believe that you have met the requirements and you ought to be inducted and did not receive an email from IU-MAPS, please email me

This Sunday was our last general body meeting of the semester, but we will be having a MAPS Social next Sunday November 21st from 5pm-7pm at Esther Uduehi's apartment: 345 S. College Ave. If you have any questions, please email Esther

You will find the final t-shirt design attached to this email. Please email Phil Forys with t-shirt sizes and also if you are interested in getting MAPS Polos.

Some events for next semester include:

Nutrition and Science Day - Please contact Lauren Useem ( or Jay Patel ( if you will like to be on this committee

Networking Night - Please contact Lauren Useem (

MAPS Retreat - Please contact Shenae Williams ( and Michelle Metcalf (

Diversity Lecture Series - Please Contact Phil Forys (

Cleveland Road Trip - Please Contact Divya Anand (

End of the Year Banquet - Please contact Linda Senbanjo (

Note: Next semester we will have a lot of events, remember in order to be inducted next semester, you should attend at least 3 meetings and help plan at least one event. Please contact the above named individuals to help plan the events for next semester.

MAPS dinners will resume next semester! If you will like to use the MAPS office in the Chemistry Building, you can check the key out at the undergraduate office. Please check the IU-MAPS Facebook group and IU-MAPS website for important updates and information.

Thank you all and we hope to see you at the MAPS Social on Sunday November 21st!