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MAPS Events: 2010-2011

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MAPS Spring Callout - January 20, 2011

The MAPS Spring Callout meeting was held in a completely packed Ballantine Hall classroom. Our event ideas forthe Spring semester were shared with propective members. Pizza and drinks were provided.

Nutrition and Science Day - January 28, 2011

MAPS took 95 7th-graders from Willard Gambold Middle School, an IPS school to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. There, they were given a tour of the museum and demostations of fun science experiments. In addition, we provided a healthy lunch for each student. The project was funded by the Arthur Metz Grant awarded to MAPS in Fall 2008.

Diversity Lecture: Dr. Jeffrey Rothenberg - February 4, 2011

MAPS invited Dr. Jeffrey Rothenberg, an OGBYN at the IU Medical School, to come speak about his experiences as a doctor. Dr. Rothenberg is an avid glass artist and is very involved in international healthcare in Kenya. Afterwards, MAPS members went to dinner together at El Norteno.

Health Programs Fair - March 2, 2011

MAPS ran a booth at the annual Health Programs Fair held by HPPLC in the Alumni Hall of the IMU. The booth was a great success, and over 70 students signed up for our mailing list. The night before, MAPS ate dinner at El Norteno with Traci Wilson-Kleekamp, Diversity Coordinator at the University of Missouri Medical School.

Diversity Lecture: Dr. David Porter - March 3, 2011

Dr. David Porter, orthopedic consultant for the Indianapolis Colts, came to IU and discussed his journey to becoming a doctor. Afterwards, Dr. Porter and MAPS enjoyed dinner together from Noodles and Co.

MAPS Poker Night - March 8, 2011

MAPS held a Texas Hold'em tournament and raised $130 for the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Southern Indiana. The winner of the tournament was Adeel Chaudhry, who won a pair of tickets to the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis.

MAPS Retreat - March 26-27, 2011

MAPS held its annual retreat at the Wooded Glen in Henryville, IN. Its purpose was to give MAPS members a more in-depth view of the organization and of the eboard and to bring the MAPS family closer to one another. The overnight retreat was a great bonding experience, as well as productive in shaping the future of MAPS. Congrats to Team Eggxtreme for their victory in the Egg Drop Challenge!

Networking Night Pre-Dinner - April 2, 2011

MAPS members had dinner with Dr. Rausch, the keynote speaker for the 2011 MAPS Networking Night, at Cafe Django. This gave members a more casual environment to chat with Dr. and Mrs. Rausch. During the dinner, everyone also witnessed Butler's victory in the Final Four against VCU.

MAPS 3rd Annual Networking Night - April 3, 2011

Networking Night was held in the Tudor Room at the IMU. Networking Night was a formal dinner that provided a chance for pre-professional students to meet with local medical professionals and medical students. Over 100 students and 20 health professionals were in attendance. Our keynote speaker for the night was Dr. George Rausch, Associate Dean of Diversity Affairs at the IU School of Medicine, who spoke about diversity in medicine.

Diversity Lecture: Dr. Darin Latimore - April 20, 2011

MAPS invited Dr. Darin Latimore, Assistant Dean of Student and Resident Diversity of University of California Davis to speak about the medical school admissions process, integrating his personal story. The MAPS eboard met Dr. Latimore during the National Leadership Institute in January and was inspired to bring Dr. Latimore's story to the IU chapter and student body. Afterwards, MAPS members had dinner with Dr. Latimore at El Norteno and celebrated the birthday of member Natalia Liu.

SNMA National Conference - April 21-23, 2011

The SNMA National Conference was held in Indianpolis at the JW Mariott and consisted of three days of networking, leadership, and admissions workshops. IU-MAPS listened to some inspiring speakers and met members from MAPS chapters around the country. We also hosted a social at Jillian's for undergraduate conference attendees. MAPS President Esther Uduehi led a workshop on fundraising at the conference. We encourage even more people to attend next year in Atlanta!

MAPS Cookout Social - April 28, 2011

MAPS held one last social event to close out the year. Members went to VP Phil Forys' house for a cookout and spent a couple of hours away from the stress of impending finals.

End of the Year Banquet - May 1, 2011

MAPS held its final event of the year, our annual Banquet in the Federal Room of the IMU. Members who joined during Spring were inducted, seniors were recognized for their contributions to the group, and the new eboard and committee chairs were inaugurated. In addition, an amazing video montage of our year, created by Whitney Humphrey, was played and brought back many great memories.

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