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Accreditation Report 2002
Core Campuses: Bloomington and Indianapolis

for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
and the Indiana Professional Standards Board

Faculty Vita

Robert Arnove, Ph.D.

Title: Chancellor's Professor Emeritus
Office: W. W. Wright Education Building, room 4250
Campus: Bloomington
Year of appointment: August, 1969

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. Stanford University 1969 International Development Education
M.A. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy 1961
B.A. University of Michigan 1959 English Literature

Professional Experience

2001- Visiting Advisor Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education,
2001- Visiting Professor, University of Salamanca, Spain
1997-2001 Visiting Professor, University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May/June 1997 and 1999, and August 2000 and 2001. Course taught: Educaci6n Comparada: Sistemas, Tendencias, y Procesos. UNESCO Chair, The Future of the University in Latin America.
1997- Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, November/December 1997. Appointed to assist in internationalizing the curriculum and the academic and social environment of the Faculty of Education.
1995- Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil, July-August 1995.
1993- Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Scholar, the University of Iowa, spring of 1993
1990- Visiting Professor, Sociology Department, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain, 2/9-06/90. Doctoral Seminar on Educational Reform and Social Change.
1986- Visiting Professor, Stanford University, International Development Education Program, 8/85-6/86. Courses taught: Sociology of Development and Education, Research Methods Seminar, Education and Colonialism, Nonformal and Popular Education, Education in Societies Undergoing Radical Change.

Other Administrative Responsibilities

Co-coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Education Policy Studies, 1993-01.

Faculty Teaching

2001-2002 H540 Sociology of Education

Selected Publications

    "Contested Pedagogical and Political Values in Nicaragua: The Case of the Atlantic Coast," Forum (the Journal of the World Council of Curriculum and Instruction," summer 1993, pp. 13-34. (Senior author). Revised version of the article appeared in the. Bilingual Research Journal, Summer/Fall Issue 1993, pp. 135-161.

    "Models of Internationalized Undergraduate Education," Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences, Proceedings 1993 (October 15, 1993), pp. 139-146.

    "Political and Educational Change in Nicaragua, 1979-1993," Educational Horizons 71 (Spring 1994), pp. 118-122.

    "Adult Education and State Policy in Latin America: The Contrasting Cases, of Mexico and Nicaragua," Comparative Education 31 (November 1995), pp.311-326 (Senior author).

    "Education as Contested Terrain in Nicaragua" 39 Comparative Education Review (February 1995), pp. 28-53.

    "Partnership and Emancipatory Educational Movements: Issues and Prospects," Alberta Journal of Educational Research 42 (June 1996), pp. 170-177.

    "A Political Sociology of Education and Development in Latin America: The Conditioned State, Neoliberalism, and Educational Policy," International Journal of Comparative Sociology 37 (June 1996), pp. 121-139.

    "Dynamic Tensions in Ability Grouping: A Comparative Perspective and Critical Analysis," Educational Horizons 77 (Spring 1999): 120-127; reprinted in Annual Editions, Education 00/01 (Guilford, CN: Dushkin, 2000): 160-172. (Co-author).

    "Credits, Curriculum, and Control in Higher Education: Cross National Perspectives," Higher Education. 42 ( 2001): 107-137. (Co-author). Forthcoming Article:

    "Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Facing the 21st Century: Challenges and Contributions," Presidential Address, Comparative Education Review 46 (November 2001): 477-503.

    "Education and International Issues of Social Mobility of Underprivileged Groups," in James Guthrie (ed.), Encyclopedia of Education 2nd Edition, (New York: Macmillan, forthcoming). (Sr. author

    "Neoliberal Education Policies in Latin America: Arguments in Favor and Against," in Carlos Alberto Torres (ed.), Education in Latin America: Comparative Perspectives (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1997).

    "Sociology and the Study of Education Systems," in Miguel Angel Escotet, ed., Cultural and Social Foundations of Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997).

    "A Reassessment of Education, Language, and Cultural Imperialism: British Colonialism in India and Africa," in William K. Cummings and Noel McGinn (editors), The International Handbook of Education and Development: Preparing Schools, Students, and Nations for the Twenty-First Century (New York: Garland Publishers, 1997), pp. 87102 (Co-author)

    Latin American Education," in Jack W. Hopkins (editor), Latin America: Perspectives on a Region (New York: Holmes & Meier, updated and revised edition, 1998). (Senior author)

    "Reframing Comparative Education: The Dialectic of the Global and the Local", in Robert F. Arnove and Carlos Alberto Torres, Comparative Education: The Dialectic of the Global and the Local (Boulder, CO: Rowman & Littlefield, 1999). Spanish version of this published in Caracas (July 2000), in a comparative education textbook edited by Luis Bonilla. The publishers were UNESCO, UPEL, and La Sociedad Venezolana de Educacion Comparada.

    "Education in Latin America at the end of the 1990s," in Robert F. Arnove and Carlos Alberto Torres, Comparative Education: The Dialectic of the Global and the Local (Boulder, CO: Rowman & Littlefield, 1999). (Senior author)

    "The Tension between Quantity and Quality in Nicaraguan Education, 19791992," in Anthony R. Welch, ed. Quality and Equality in Third World Education (New York: Garland, 2000).

    "Education and Development in Latin America," in Ronald Hillman (ed.) Understanding Contemporary Latin America, Revised Second Edition (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2001) (Senior author).


    "La Prospettiva della 'world-system analysis,'" in Donatella Palomba, Educazione Comparata-Tendenze e Problemi, (Roma: Editrice Carocci, 2002).

Current Professional and Academic Association Memberships

    American Educational Research Association
    Comparative and International Education Society
    International Studies Association
    Latin American Studies Associations
    Phi Delta Kappa

Conference Presentations

    Comparative and International Education Society, Orlando, March 2002, Presentation on "Teaching Comparative Education,"

    A presentation at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires), on "Threats to Academic Freedom around the World,"

    Commencement Exercise Address at the University of Palermo in August of 2001.

    While in Buenos Aires, I addressed a group of distinguished advisors to the Ministry of Education on international issues in higher education. I also gave an address to the founding meeting of the Argentinean Comparative Education Society on the nature of the field of comparative studies in education (all of this in August 2001

Service/Outreach Projects

    Delegate to the White River Central Labor Council and member of its Education Committee, 1982-1993.

    Citizens for Jail Improvement, 1981-89.

    Founding member of the Monroe County Chapter of the Gray Panthers, Member of the Steering Committee, 1981-1999.

    Member of the Board of Directors, Shelter, Inc. (provides shelters and services for homeless people of Monroe County), past chair of its Program Committee, 1990-95.

    Co-chair of the United Way Fund Drive in the IU School of Education, 1993-95.

    Member of the Board of Directors of the Area 10 Agency on Aging, 1993-present.


    Amoco Distinguished Teaching Award, 1982

    FACET (Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching) Award, 1991

    John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Programs and Studies,1995

    Commission on Multicultural Education Faculty Award, 1997

    University Graduate School Distinguished Teaching and Mentoring Award, 1998

    Distinguished Rank of Chancellors' Professor, 2001

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