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Accreditation Report 2002
Core Campuses: Bloomington and Indianapolis

for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
and the Indiana Professional Standards Board

Faculty Vita

Ellen Brantlinger, Ed.D.

Title: Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Office: W. W. Wright Education Building, room 3232
Campus: Bloomington
Year of appointment: 1986

Academic Degrees

Ed.D. Indiana University 1978 Special Education
M. of Ed. Boston University 1966 Special Education
B.A. Antioch 1963 Secondary Education and Social Studies

Professional Experience

1996-Present Full Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University.
1990-1996 Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University.
1986-1990 Assistant Professor of Special Education, Indiana University (tenure track position)
1979-1985 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Special Education, Indiana University
1998-2002 Coordinator, Curriculum Studies Doctoral Program
1992-1996 Co-Coordinator, Special Education Program Area
1990-1992 Chair, Special Education Program Area
1986-1997 Director, Undergraduate Special Education Teacher Education Programs

Faculty load

50% teaching, 25% service, 25% research

Faculty Teaching

Fall 2001 Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education
Fall 2001 K351 Vocational Assessment & Instruction in Special Education
Spring 2002 K370 Intro To Learning Disabilities
Spring 2002 J760 Top Sem in Curr & Instr Issues
Fall 2002 K780 Seminar in Special Education
Fall 2002 Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education

Selected Publications

    Brantlinger, E.A., & Ross-Campbell, Zaline (2001). Trends in disproportionate representation: Implications for multicultural education. In C. A. Utley & F. E. Obiakor (Eds.), Special education, multicultural education, and school reform. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (2001). Poverty, class, and disability: A historical, social, and political perspective. Focus on Exceptional Children, Vol. 33 (7), 1-24.

    Brantlinger, Ellen (2000). Perspectives on university preservice preparation programs and school inclusion. In OSERS/OECD International Symposium on Inclusion and Professional Development. U.S. Department of Education.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (2000) Using Ideology: The politics of research and practice in special education. In S. Ball (Ed.), Sociology of Education, Volume 3, London and New York: Routledge-Falmer (reprint).

    Brantlinger, E.A. & Majd-Jabbari, M. (2000). The conflicted pedagogical and curricular perspectives of middle-class mothers. In Stephen Ball (Ed.), Sociology of Education, Volume 2, London and New York: Routledge-Falmer (reprint).

    Brantlinger, E.(1999). Inward gaze and activism: Moral next steps in local inquiry. Anthropology and Education, 30(4), 413-429.

    Brantlinger, E.(1999). Class Moves at the Movies: What Good Will Hunting Teaches About Social Class in America. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 15(1), 105-120.

    Brantlinger, E., Morton, M. L., & Washburn, S. (1999). Teachers' moral authority in classrooms: (Re)structuring social interactions and gendered power. Elementary School Journal, 99(5), 491-504

    Brantlinger, E. A., & Majd-Jabbari, M. (1998). Progressive educational discourses, Conservative pedagogical preferences of college-educated, middle-class mothers. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 30(4), 431-460.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (1997). Using ideology: Cases of nonrecognition of the politics of research and practice in special education. Review of Educational Research, 67(4), 425-460.

    Brantlinger, E. A., Majd-Jabbari, M., & Guskin, S. L. (1996). Self-interest and liberal educational discourse: How ideology works for middle class mothers. American Educational Research Journal, 33(4), 571-598.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (1996). The influences of preservice teachers' beliefs on attitudes toward inclusion. Teacher Education and Special Education, 19(1), 17-33.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (1995). Social class in school: Students' perspectives. Research Bulletin of Phi Delta Kappa, 14, 1-4. Brantlinger, E. A. (manuscript due, June, 2002). Dividing Classes: How the Middle Class Negotiates and Rationalizes School Advantage. New York: Routledge-Falmer.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (1995). Sterilization of People with Mental Retardation: Cases, Issues, and Perspectives. Wesport, CT: Auburn House (Greenwood Press).

    Brantlinger, E. A., Klein, S., & Guskin, S.L.(1994). Fighting for Darla: A case study of a pregnant adolescent with autism, Challenges for family care and professional responsibility. New York: Teachers College Press.

Conference Presentations

    Brantlinger, Ellen, & Stoughton, Edy (June 14, 2002). A "true believer" and a "pragmatist" look at inclusion: Students categorized as emotionally disturbed in the mainstream. Chicago, IL: Second City Conference on Disability Studies and Education. National Louis University.

    Brantlinger, E. (2002, April). Slippery shibboleths: The shady side of educational truisms. Paper in AERA Division B, Section 2: Curriculum Theory. AERA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

    Brantlinger, E. (2002, April). How the middle class expects and negotiates school advantage. Paper in Division G, Section 4, Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics, and Praxis, AERA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

    Brantlinger, E. (2001, June 14-15). How school failure and disability identity serve the needs of global capitalism and the professional middle class. Critical Reflections on Special Education, First Annual Second City Conference on Disability Studies and Education, National-Louis University, Chicago Campus. (Featured Speaker)

    Brantlinger, E.A. (November, 13, 2001) Classes Divided: Teachers in the Middle. Curriculum Studies Collaboree.

    Brantlinger, E. A., Harry, B., Ferguson, P., Ferguson, D., Wolfberg, P., Gallagher, D., & Park, H. (Dec. 9, 2000). Crackerbarrel: Evaluating Qualitative Research. The Association for Severely Handicapped Annual Conference. Miami, FL.

    Brantlinger, E. A., & Smith, A. (July, 19, 2000). Co-Teaching in Inclusion. Opportunities for Teaching and Learning: Fourth Annual China-U. S. Conference on Education, Beijing, People's Republic of China.

    Brantlinger, E. A., Ware, L., Slee, R., Allen, J. (April 26, 2000). Ideologies and inclusion: The status of disability thinking on three contentents. AERA, New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (April 28, 2000). Social class influences in teacher preparation: The value of a move toward inclusiveness. AERA National Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Bloome, L. R., Brooks, S., Brantlinger, E., Casey, K., Edgerton, S., Munro, P. (April 27, 2000). Curricular responses to poverty: A town meeting to discuss theory, practice, policy, and action. AERA National Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (May 31, 2000). Interpretive Research. National Louis University, Chicago, Illinois. (Invited speaker.)

    Danforth, Scot, Brantlinger, Ellen, Heshusius, Lous, Ferguson, Phil, & Taylor, Steve (1999, December). Ways of constructing lives and disabilities: the case for open inquiry. TASH Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois. Brantlinger, E. A., Morton, M.L., & Washburn, S. (April 21, 1999). Moral Control Over Social Spaces in School. AERA Conference. Montreal, Canada.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (March 1, 1999) Ideology, values and inclusion: Is our practice aligned with our educational goals? Visiting Scholar, California State University at Long Beach. (Continuing the Conversation: An informal discussion with Dr. Ellen Brantlinger, March 2nd, 1999.)

    Brantlinger, E. (March 1, 1999). Inquiry, reflection, and activism: The next steps. Veffie Milstead Jones Endowment, College of Education, California State University, Long Beach.

    Brantlinger, E. A. Visiting Scholar, Issues of preservice teacher preparation; Ideology and disability segregation. Northern Iowa University, April 3-7, 1999.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (April 6, 1999) Inclusive schooling: Morality, disability, and 21st century education. ICN Statewide presentation. Iowa. Visiting Scholar, Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio, March, 18 1999.

    Keynote Speaker, Conference on Inclusion. University of Rochester, Week of June 14-17, 1999. (This conference with international participation was organized around my RER paper, "Using Ideology."

    Brantlinger, E., Wasserstrom, J., Isaac, J., Passerini, L., Shallcross, B., & Hanson, P. (1998, March 24). 1968s for 1998: Memories, myths, and meanings (Panel Discussion). Cultural Studies Program, Indiana University. (invited)

    Scheuerman, W., Brantlinger, E., Hammond, C., & Imig, D. (1998, June 12). The faculty at work in the public schools: Teacher training and certification. AAUP 84th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. (invited)

    Invited Participant (September 24-26, 1998). International Symposium on Personnel Preparation and Professional Development: Implications of Including Students with Special Education Needs in Systematic School Reform Initiatives. Sponsored by the Department of Education, Bethesda, MD.

    Brantlinger, E.A., Morton, M.L., & Washburn, S. (1998, October 23). Moral authority over social spaces in schools: (Re)distributing gendered power. Annual Conference of the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Bloomington, IN.

    Brantlinger, E. A. (1998, October 22). Social class influences on the evaluation of teaching competencies by university faculty and supervising teachers. Annual Conference of the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Bloomington, IN.

    Biklen, D., Rubin, S., Kliewer, C., & Brantlinger, E. (1998, December 3). Doing research in the time of disability rights. TASH Annual Conference. Seattle, WA. (invited)

    Brantlinger, E.A. (1998, April). Agency Metamorphosed: Scholarly Praxis to Scholarly Practice. American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

    Insch, J., Chapman, C., & Brantlinger, E. A. (1997, November). Current practices and future vision of collaborating teachers in inclusive programs. Teacher Education Division Conference. Savanah, Georgia (refereed).

Service/Outreach Projects

    Reviewer, (1999-2001) Standing Panel Reviewer, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, Washington, D.C. (In Spring 2001 I attended seven three-day panel reviews; 2000 attended three; 1999 attended two).

    Reviewer (June 29, 1999). Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology Competition, University of Illinois-Chicago Campus. Reviewer (August 2001) 46 proposals for divisions of AERA.

    Chair (March 26-28, 2000). Undergraduate Special Education Program Review (Occurs every 10 years as an alternative to NCATE review), University of Wisconsin, Madison.

    Associate Editor, The Journal of the Association for Persons With Severe Handicaps. Appointed January 2000.

    Co-Editor, JASH Sexuality and Disability, Special Issue, (March 2002).

    Advisory Editor, Elementary School Journal, 1994-present.

    Consulting Editor, Teacher Education and Special Education, 1993-1997.

    Editorial Board Member, Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Learners, 2002-

    Editorial Board Member, Disability, Culture, & Education, 2001-

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