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Accreditation Report 2002
Core Campuses: Bloomington and Indianapolis

for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
and the Indiana Professional Standards Board

Faculty Vita

William Frascella, Ph.D.

Title: Director, Center for Mathematics Education and Coordinator of Mathematics Teacher Education
Office: Swain Hall East 207
Campus: Bloomington
Year of appointment: 1971

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. University of Notre Dame 1978 Philosophy
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame 1966 Mathematics
B.S. Loyola University of Los Angeles 1962 Mathematics

Professional Experience

1996-present Director, Center for Mathematics Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
2002-present Coordinator, Mathematics Teacher Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
1991-1996 Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Indiana University, South Bend, Indiana
1987-1990 Director of Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Indiana University, South Bend, Indiana
1985-1986 Chair, Department of Mathematics, Indiana University, Shah-Alam, Malaysia

Funded Projects

    Principal Investigator/Project Director 1998 - 1999, "Using Technology to Implement Reform Curricula I" and Principal Investigator/Project Director 1999 - 2000, "Using Technology to Implement Reform Curricula II." To enhance the efforts of the Indiana Mathematics Initiative, Frascella applied for (and received) Eisenhower funding (administered through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education) for two projects aimed at improving the skills of IMI project teachers to utilize the graphing calculator in their classrooms. Funding level for this technology enhancement: $130,000 per year for two years.

Current Professional and Academic Association Memberships

    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
    Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    American Mathematical Society
    Mathematical Association of America
    Sigma Xi

Conference Presentations

    Presentation at NCSM Conference (Las Vegas), April 2002, "How the Recent Indiana Adoption of Mathematics Standards Provided an Opportunity for a Local Systemic Change Project to Advance its Reform Agenda."

    Presentation at LSC Conference The Public in the Math Reform Movement (Las Vegas), April 2002, "Comparing Math Wars: Lessons Learned in Indiana."

    Panel Presentation at TERC's Virtual Conference on Sustainability, May 2002, "An LSC's Project Engagement with State Policy: the Indiana Story."

    Poster Presentation at TERC Virtual Conference on Sustainability, May 2002, "The Indiana Mathematics Initiative" (included in conference poster hall).


    Lundquist Fellow and Lecture, 1999 - 2000, Indiana University South Bend. In 1999, Frascella was selected by Indiana University South Bend to be its annual Lundquist Fellow and awarded a stipend of $5000. This award recognizes an individual's contribution to connecting Indiana University's resources to the state and local communities. In April 2000, Frascella delivered the Lundquist public lecture, " The Math Wars: Who's In Control of the Curriculum"?

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