Indiana University Bloomington

Department Overview

Indiana Code gives post-secondary educational institutions accredited by the North Central Association the authority to appoint police officers (IC 21-39-4). The Board of Trustees and Indiana University have used that authority to form a police department. The Police at Indiana University have jurisdiction on any real property owned or occupied by the University and on any streets through and adjacent thereto. The Department also shares concurrent jurisdiction anywhere in Monroe County through signed agreement with the Sheriff of Monroe County (IC 21-39-4-6).

The IU Police Department has a close working relationship with State and local police and a signed jurisdictional agreement with the Bloomington Police Department.  Verbal agreements for mutual aid exist with State and local police to assist in the investigation of alleged crimes.

The Indiana University Police Department employs 44 full time sworn police officers.  With these full time employees, several part time police officers and student cadets assist with all functions of public safety at Indiana University. The full time and part time officers are all fully certified as law enforcement officers by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. These officers meet the same standards as all other law enforcement officers in the State of Indiana.

The Indiana University Police Department works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has direct access to the national and state law enforcement computer networks (NCIC/IDACS)

Many of the officers at the Indiana University Police Department possess specializations in a myriad of areas. Among the employees, there are instructors in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, HAZMAT, CPR, Domestic Violence, First Aid, Survival Tactics, Strategies and Tactics of Patrol Stops, and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

The IU Police Department is one of the larger university police organizations in the United States and is among the 12 largest law enforcement organizations in the state.