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  • Holiday Luncheon -- Wednesday, Dec. 14, 11:30 a.m., Peterson Room, IU Foundation. -- Program: After a buffet catered by Terry's, some 35 Singing Hoosiers under the direction of Ly Wilder will entertain.

    Ly teaches the jazz voice studio at the IU Jacobs School of Music and directs IUnison, one of two vocal jazz ensembles in the jazz studies program. She also is vocal director of Syncopation, an auditioned community show choir comprised of fifth- through ninth- graders in Bloomington. She co-founded the group with choreographer Brennan Wilder in 2012.

    A reservation form for the luncheon was included in the November newsletter. Reservations, at $22 each, are due by Dec. 9.

  • Cybersecurity Offense and Defense -- "I may be attacked a thousand times and repel 999 attempts, but if I lose one, I've lost," Dennis Cromwell told retirees gathered at the November meeting. Associate vice president for client services and support at IU, Dennis offered retirees tips on online security.

    UITS has created a quick reference guide, "Five ways to be more cybersecure." It is available at ways.pdf".

  • Speech and Hearing Benefits -- According to Bruce Jaffee, chair of the IURA Benefits Committee, the standard $80 fee for hearing evaluation exams at IU's Speech and Hearing Clinic is completely waived for those with IU retiree status. See March newsletter for additional details.

  • Retiree Benefits: News from HR-- IU's Human Resources has appointed Karen Hill as its new liaison to the IURA. Retirees may address specific questions about benefits to Karen at, 812-856-4459.

    In cooperation with the IURA, HR has produced a document specifically for those at IUB with retiree status. That document is posted at this link. A longer list of retiree benefits is also available.

  • Committees for 2016-17 -- Program: Doug Porter (chair), Bill cGregor, Suzanne Phillips, Carol Stokes. (Resource members) Joan Curts, Johnn Hobson, Dick and Maribeth McKaig) Hospitality: Martha Wailes (chair), Mary Ellen Anderson, Suzanne Phillips, Carol Stokes. (Resource: Harriet Pfister). Newswatch: Judy Schroeder; Database Manager: Doris Wittenburg; Webmaster: Suzann Owen; Historian: Bob Dodd; and Retiree Benefits: Bruce Jaffee.

  • Membership Dues -- The membership form is available on line. IURA welcomes to membership a large number of University employees who recently accepted the IU early retirement package.

  • If you live in Bloomington and want to talk to a real person about your TIAA/CREF holdings, you can schedule an appointment at the local office, 2852 E. Buick Cadillac Blvd., by calling 812-349-4443.

  • Updated: November 17, 2016