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  • Year-End Potluck -- Celebrate the end of the academic year with the ever-popular IURA annual potluck on Wednesday, May 14, in the Peterson Room at the IU Foundation.

    The evening begins with a social hour at 5 p.m., with the IURA furnishing beverages. Please bring a salad, vegetable dish, or dessert to serve at least six people for the potluck, which begins at 6 p.m. The IURA will furnish beef brisket and turkey.

    After-dinner entertainment will feature Hoosier Darling singing "righteous four-part harmony." The group began as WFHB's GoZpel GurlZ but has expanded its repertoire to include Motown, blues, rock, folk, and original songs. Members are Ginger Curry, Suzette Weakley, Sarah Flint, and Cathi Norton.

  • By-Laws Proposal -- The IURA Board has called a special meeting for May 7, to consider amendments to bylaws.

    A committee, chaired by Don Weaver, has reviewed the current bylaws over the past year and is recommending several changes, primarily to update the bylaws to conform to current practices. Other members of the committee are Wayne Craig, Joan Curts, and Bob Ensman.

    To amend the existing bylaws, a majority of those attending the meeting must approve the changes. A draft of the proposed revisions to the bylaws is available for downloading on line.

  • New Board Members -- Three people were elected to three-year terms on the IURA board at the April IURA meeting. They are Ed Buffie, Carol Stokes, and Richard Stryker.

    Don Weaver chaired the nominating committee, which included Wayne Craig and Shirley Pugh. Board members whose terms are expiring are Dick McKaig, Harriet Pfister, and Jim Schellhammer.

  • IU Perks and Benefits -- A list of IU retirees' "perks" and benefits, (including Athletics, Buses, Library Privileges and Resources, Parking, Recreational Sports, Technology, and University Club) is now available for use of IURA members.

  • Retirees support United Way -- IU retirees have once again surpassed their $125,000 goal (assigned by UW) by pledging or donating $131,773.32 from a total of 161 retirees, with 62 of those being Vanguards.

    Doris Burton and Wain Martin share with Harriet Pfister the duties as IURA volunteers for the United Way campaign.

  • Membership Dues -- The membership form is available on line. IURA welcomes to membership a large number of University employees who recently accepted the IU early retirement package.

  • What is going on with e-delivery? -- If you signed up for e-delivery of Newswatch yet you continue to receive a copy through the mail, you may be wondering what is going on. This dual delivery is the result of IURA having to meet a minimum mail requirement to qualify to use the Postal Permit. To reach that minimum we need to include in our mailing those who have signed up for e-delivery. However, from August through November we meet those minimum requirements without including those who want e-delivery. Thus in the fall those who have signed up for e-delivery will receive ONLY an electronic version of Newswatch. Even with this strange arrangement, e-delivery still helps both the environment and IURA, just not as much as we originally thought. You can sign up for e-delivery at any time; just send a message to Gerald Marker.

  • If you live in Bloomington and want to talk to a real person about your TIAA/CREF holdings, you can schedule an appointment at the local office, 2852 E. Buick Cadillac Blvd., by calling 812-349-4443.

  • Updated: April 17, 2014