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  • Fall Luncheon -- Wednesday, Sept. 14, 11:45 a.m., IU Foundation Peterson Room. Program: Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton. Use reservation form.

  • Speech and Hearing Benefits -- According to Bruce Jaffee, chair of the IURA Benefits Committee, the standard $80 fee for hearing evaluation exams at IU's Speech and Hearing Clinic is completely waived for those with IU retiree status. See March newsletter for additional details.

  • Retiree Benefits: News from HR-- IU's Human Resources has appointed Karen Hill as its new liaison to the IURA. Retirees may address specific questions about benefits to Karen at, 812-856-4459.

    In cooperation with the IURA, HR has produced a document specifically for those at IUB with retiree status. That document is posted at this link. A longer list of retiree benefits is also available.

  • Committees for 2016-17 -- Program: Doug Porter (chair), Bill cGregor, Suzanne Phillips, Carol Stokes. (Resource members) Joan Curts, Johnn Hobson, Dick and Maribeth McKaig) Hospitality: Martha Wailes (chair), Mary Ellen Anderson, Suzanne Phillips, Carol Stokes. (Resource: Harriet Pfister). Newswatch: Judy Schroeder; Database Manager: Doris Wittenburg; Webmaster: Suzann Owen; Historian: Bob Dodd; and Retiree Benefits: Bruce Jaffee.

  • Membership Dues -- The membership form is available on line. IURA welcomes to membership a large number of University employees who recently accepted the IU early retirement package.

  • If you live in Bloomington and want to talk to a real person about your TIAA/CREF holdings, you can schedule an appointment at the local office, 2852 E. Buick Cadillac Blvd., by calling 812-349-4443.

  • Updated: August 15, 2016