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About Cage-free Eggs

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About RAW's Cage-free Campaign

History and Progress

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Ways to help

Shopping Cage-free

Shopping cage-free will help reduce the demand for caged-eggs, which ultimately will increase the market for cage-free eggs.

You can learn more about egg carton labels by following the link to the HSUS site's information about them.

Eating Fewer Eggs

Eating fewer eggs does not necessarily mean cutting eggs out of your diet entirely. In fact, eating fewer eggs may not even be noticed.

Use egg replacer:

Using egg replacer can help to reduce the number of eggs one consumes. Rather than using eggs in baking, try using an egg replacer (such as Ener-G Foods's Egg Replacer). Regardless if you are an avid baker, or a causal one, egg replacer is a worthwhile choice in most recipes.

There usually is no real difference in the taste. There may be some recipes where the taste will stand out, but, for the most part, the difference in taste is not noticeable.

It may seem you are paying more for egg replacer initially, but the 16oz box is equivalent to 113 or so eggs. The overall cost, versus cage-free/free range eggs, will usually be less. And the cost versus even the cheapest grocery-store eggs will, at most, be very little more, but in most cases the cost should be about the same or less.

This will not only reduce the number of eggs that get used during baking, but, because there will be no left-over eggs, there will not be the need to include eggs in other recipes, or to make egg dishes that otherwise would not have been on the menu.

There is a much reduced worry about food-borne illnesses that are associated with eggs when using egg replacer. Those who enjoy eating the batter have much less to worry about when eating raw egg replacer than they do when eating raw eggs.

So using egg replacer in baking not only reduces egg-use during the baking process, but also in other ways, because fewer eggs will be used to avoid waste. It is a viable, and virtually unnoticeable, alternative to eggs.

Avoid processed foods:

Boxed meals of foods that usually would not need eggs may have them nonetheless. Making your own meals avoids many undesireable ingredients that go into processed foods. Most of the eggs that go into processed foods are very unlikely to be cage-free.