RAW Reading Group

About the Reading Group:

Conceived of by Beth Reinke, past Co-President of RAW, and William Bobe, past Outreach Coordinator of RAW, the aim of the reading group is to educate and inform the membership of RAW about various animal issues. From theoretical to practical, the reading group hopes to achieve this through interesting and thought-provoking readings from various sources, followed by equally interesting and thought-provoking discussions amongst the reading group participants.

The reading group is currently on hiatus.

Past Reading Group Readings:

  • 19 Jan. 11: Regan, Tom. The Case for Animal Rights. The Animal Ethics Reader pp. 19-25.
  • 2 Feb. 11: Correspondence between Judge Prosner and Peter Singer. Slate
  • 13 Feb. 11: Francione, Gary. 1995. Comparable harm and equal inherent value: The problem of the dog in the lifeboat. Between the Species: An Online Journal for the Study of Philosophy and Animals pp 81-89. Issue here.
  • 2 Mar. 11: Dolphins in Captivity.
  • 30 Mar. 11: Marks, Joel. 2010. Innocent and innocuous: the case against animal research. Between the Species: An online journal for the study of philosophy and animals pp. 98- 117. Issue here.
  • 14 Apr. 11: Friedrich, Bruce. 2011. Getting from A to Z: Why animal activists should support incremental reforms to help animals. Read here.
  • 22 Sep. 11: Morell, Virginia. 2008. Minds of their own: Animals are smarter than you think. National Geographic. Read here.
  • 6 Oct. 11: Irvine, Leslie. 2010. A thousand dogs barking. Natural Hazards Observer XXXIV:4. Read here.
  • 01 Dec. 11: Nelson, Deborah. 2011. The Cruelest Show on Earth. Read here. And: Reade, Louise S., Waran, Natalie K. 1996. The modem zoo: How do people perceive zoo animals? Applied Animal Behaviour Science 47 pp. 109-118.