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This newly added section to our website is dedicated to ensuring that all current and former members of the Indiana University sailing club and team keep up-to-date with current and upcoming events. With our initial release frequency to be ever quarter (roughly twice a semester), our first newsletter will be coming out in early to mid- January!



We thank you for all that you have done to enure that our club is still up and running today! We will post upcoming Alumni events on this page, as well as send the quarterly newsletter to you by mail or email. If you would like to be added to our list, please sign up here . We would all love to see you again, and every alumni and their families are encouraged to stay involved with the club



Our club relies heavily on the charity of others. Currently, our dues collected through fund-raising and membership fees barely cover our overly stretched budget so we need your support! Here are a few easy ways to donate to the club


-Donation with tax write-off: Contact

-Donation of equipment (eligible for write-off): Contact

-Donation through Paypal: Coming Soon

-Any donation related questions, contact the email address above


We realize that these are hard times on everyone, but every penny counts towards ensuring the same fun for our current members that you enjoyed!



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Alumni Connection

Hey there alums! This section is dedicated to ensuring that you stay connected with the Indiana University Sailing Club/Team. Check out Alumni events, read our newsletters, or donate to the cause

We Need You: To be a Safety Officer!
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