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OVST W496 10636 International Health Care Delivery: in-country Russian Field Experience 3 credit Study Abroad

Instructor: Natalia Rekhter nrekhter@lincolncollege.edu, nrekhter@iupui.edu

  • COST: $3,851

  • DATES: May 23rd to June 5th, 2010

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 15th (extended until January 22, 2010 for IUPUI applicants only)

  • GPA 3.0 or with the instructor's permission.
    Please note that the submission of official transcripts is not required. Student transcripts will, however, be reviewed via OneStart.

  • On-line application.

  • The names and contact information (including e-mail and phone number) of three references (student's advisor, IU faculty member, etc).
    Send to:
    nrekhter@iupui.edu, nrekhter@lincolncollege.edu

  • Russian language course work (is strongly recommended but is not required).

  • REEI-R 300/500 Global Public Health Dialogue class (is strongly recommended but is not required).

  • Finalists will be interviewed before being accepted in the International Health Care Delivery: in-country Russian Field Experience course.

  • Valid PASSPORT for traveling abroad.

  • Non-refundable deposit:  $500 (upon acceptance in the International Health Care Delivery: in-country Russian Field Experience class).

This course is for undergraduate or graduate students and can be used as an elective. Previous experience in health care is desirable but not necessary.  Taking REEI-R 300/500 Global Public Health Dialogue and a Russian-language course is strongly recommended but is not required.

This course's focus is on institutional, economic, epidemiological, ideological, and political forces in the field of international health care. The emphasis will be on comparative analysis of countries with private health care delivery (USA), as compared to countries with social health care delivery and uniform access to care (Russia). The range of issues examined includes, but is not limited to: demographic profiles and the distribution of diseases, the social determinants of health, cultural and political aspects of health care delivery, health care financing, and health reforms.

Students will spend two weeks (end of May - beginning of June, 2010) in Rostov-on-Don, a city in the southern part of Russia.  During their two weeks in Russia, the students will visit the Center for Social Services and Protection of Vulnerable Population, Socially Funded Camp/Resorts for Disabled and Financially Disadvantaged Children (where children receive necessary preventive and other health services), different types of hospitals (tertiary, community, rehabilitation, sub-acute, rural, etc.), the Compulsory Health Care Insurance Fund, as well as a private clinic, a rural clinic, a rural nursing station, the Center for Maternal and Child Health, Planned Parenthood, etc.  Students will also interact with medical personnel, students, and faculty, spent a weekend with families, and take part in various cultural activities.



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