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SLAV-S 498 14204/540 Specialized Russian: Environmental Issues I * – 2 credits

SLAV-S 498 14205/540 Specialized Russian: Environmental Issues II * – 1.5 credits:

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The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures in Bloomington is offering two courses (entry-level and advanced), based on the Russian language skills needed for the participation in Global Environmental Issues/Language Learning Field Experience course. The language support will enable students to function successfully in a foreign language and culture environment while doing the field work in Tyumen, Russia. Since participating students from IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis campuses may have limited or various prior exposure to Russian, two levels of Russian training in the areas of language and culture are offered. Students who take either of these levels of Russian (which will be available both in Bloomington and Indianapolis via distance-learning) are eligible for scholarships towards the cost of the trip to Tyumen, Russia.

Specialized Russian: Environmental Issues I * (entry-level):
6-week course offered 6/11/12-7/19/12
MWR      50min each class          time of class: 10:20-11:10am
Location of class: TBA
Instructor: Veronika Trotter

This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The Specialized Russian: Environmental Issues I course is the intensive Russian survival course which will acquaint the students with the basic grammatical structures of Russian along with sufficient vocabulary for a working introduction to the language. The focus of the course will be on the development of oral skills, with written work used for reinforcement. Homework will be devoted largely to repetition and reinforcement while class time, even from the beginning, will be devoted almost entirely to active practice. Listening and reading comprehension will be addressed through special materials, which will also serve as a basis for discussion and oral practice. Readings will introduce aspects of everyday Russian life, figures, events, and issues that are crucial to an understanding of Russian culture.

TSU Graduation

Specialized Russian: Environmental Issues II * (advanced-level):
6-week course offered 6/11/12-7/19/12
TR      50min each class          time of class: 3:00-3:50 p.m.
Location of class: TBA
Instructor: Olena Chernishenko ochernis@indiana.edu

Prerequisites: SLAV-R 302 or the instructor's permission. This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The course will cover specific to environmental science terminology, language functionality in different professional environments (e.g., university departments, bio stations, etc.), and interview skills in Russian. Cultural training will prepare the participants for successful interaction in social and academic situations in Russia.





* Students on the IUPUI-Indianapolis campus must complete the TEMPORARY intercampus transfer form at the following website to be able to register for this spring semester course. They can take the course on IUPUI campus, it will be facilitated by the distance-learning facility. <https://www.iupui.edu/~moveiu/moveiu.html>

* IUPUI and IUNW GRADUATE students wishing to enroll in these courses should contact the Slavic Department at iuslavic@indiana.edu for permission to register.

For additional information and/or questions contact:
Olena Chernishenko 812-855-3046 ochernis@indiana.edu
Vicky Meretsky meretsky@indiana.edu
Email is the preferred method of communication.


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