new voice educators' symposium | 2008 audio archives

welcome and opening remarks



the art of singing in the age of self-help

terri herron



the effects of pms on singing

lisa lowry



vocal health and hygiene for vocal athletes

jennifer rettig



the effect of tension in the extrinsic muscles upon laryngeal function and the methods of release

scottye adkins



belting pedagogies | part I

bethany barber



belting pedagogies | part II



vocal pedagogy for performers of medieval music: looking how we think and talk about teaching voice

wolodymyr smishkewych



vowel modification? applying "aggiustamento" to studio teaching

ferris allen



an unsung practice: expose and practical application of suzuki method in the voice studio

steven matthew latta



voice disorders and the need for therapeutic intervention

laura a. doherty



temporomandibular joint disorders and the singer

heather hunnicutt



considerations in programming the song recital

robin lynn frye



benefits of forward tongue placement

paul brodene smith



the falsettists, 1958 - 2008: a brief survey of the countertenor in stereo recording

bernard gordillo



issues and challenges in teaching the modern countertenor

daniel bubeck



closing remarks

new voice educators' symposium | 2008 audio archives