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Outreach Registration 2015

Basic Information

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Undergraduate Institution
Please select which Outreach Weekend you will attend.

Travel Information

The Indianapolis Airport is one hour away from Bloomington. Transportation to and from Bloomington is available via the Bloomington Shuttle (812-332-6004), which transports guests to and from the airport every two hours.  The shuttles will transport to the Indiana Memorial Union and various hotels in Bloomington for $18 each way. Star of America (812-876-7851) also provides transportation ($15 each way when purchased online).

**Please Note: If you are unsure of your travel timeline, but know which weekend you plan to attend, register for your Outreach weekend. You can approximate date/time of arrival/departure in the first two boxes below. Be sure to include that your travel plans have not been finalized in the third box below, and email with your final schedule.

Date/Time of Arrival
 mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am/pm
Date/Time of Departure
 mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am/pm
How will you be getting to Bloomington?  Is there anything we need to know about your travel plans?

Housing Needs

We are able to provide housing on-campus for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. Please let us know if you will need housing while you attend Outreach at IU.

Will you need housing?
If no, where will you be staying?

Almost Done

This concludes the first part of your registration for HESA Outreach!  After clicking "Submit" you will need to complete the following tasks to make your registration official:

Please email your resume and cover letter to Jake Reardon, IUSPA Webmaster at  Assistantship providers use this information to determine who they will be interviewing during Outreach. *Important note: All assistantship providers will view your resume and cover letter. Please accommodate accordingly.

Please send a check for the amount of $65, payable to "Indiana University Student Personnel Association," to the following address:

HESA Outreach 2015
ATTN: Kathy Murphy
Indiana University
W. W. Wright Education Bldg. #4228
201 N. Rose Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-1006

NOTE: Online Registration closes on February 2nd at midnight EST.